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Ehn Yor See What Liberian Girls Can Do? – Part 5

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Eh the creatures called Liberian girls! Dey get problem-o. They are one of the most problematic creatures on earth. You na able them. They are a special group of people. Liberian girls graduated from the University of Rascality. Da small rascal Liberian girls rascal? The rascality is in their blood and their bone. Rascality da their area. Da me say so-ooooo, my people.

A boy and his girlfriend live together in Jacob Town, Paynesville. A few days ago, he kissed the girl good-bye and went on a two-day trip to Buchanan. When he reached in the evening, he decided to call her and tell her that he had reached and that he really loves her. The phone rang and rang and rang without any response.

After about the seventh ring, the girl picked up the phone and sleepily answered, “Yeeeah, hellooo!” speaking as if she was dying with sleep. You able Liberian girls?
“Hi, hon! I’ve already reached. How are you, sweetheart?” romantically remarked the guy.

“I am okay. Just feeling tired and sleeeepy,” she said. But guess what? The girl was sitting on another boy’s lap in Lapkasee and kissing him like no one’s business while she was making those remarks to her boyfriend in Buchanan.  Can you imagine? Ehn yor see what Liberian girls can do, my people? Rascality da their area.

Two weeks ago, a guy met a long-time female friend on the campus of the University of Liberia. Excited, the guy called the girl’s attention, “Cecelia! Long time! How are you, girl? It’s really nice to see you again after such a long time.”

“Oh, Lincoln! It’s good to see you. Where have you been?” she reciprocated.  Before the guy could give his good-bye message, the girl said, “So, wheh you get me? Find me something mahn, my boy. I’m hungry.”

Ehn yor see what Liberian girls can do? You speak to them, they ask you for money. If they speak to you, it is even worse. Everyday men should find something for their one. Ehn yor see what Liberian girls can do? Oh, I forgot. They did a special course called Classical Dry Face.

A guy felt in love with a Liberian girl one month ago. The guy really loves her and would like to be with her. Although they have not done the thing yet, they guy visits her place quite regularly.

Guess what? Just yesterday, the girl called the guy and said, “Please help me with my rent, mahn. I’m paying US$150, but I only have US$100. The month will soon end, and I don’t want any problem with my landlord.”

Ehn yor see what Liberian girls can do, my people? The guy is a struggling student at the University of Liberia. He lives Paynesville. To transport himself to and from school is a big headache for him, and here’s a Liberian girl saying he should pay her rent. Ehn yor see what Liberian girls can do?

Two months ago, a guy, feeling lonely in his apartment in Paynesville, invited his girlfriend to spend two weeks with him. Before going to work the first day, the guy gave food money. Guess what the girl did when the guy went to work? She ate almost all of the money raw. First, she bought one huge Fante bread, mayonnaise and three eggs.

Second, she bought a huge pack of biscuits with a bottle of soft drink. She bought four oranges and one big roasted corn. Before going to the market, she watched one African movie at a nearby video club. When she finally reached the market, she saw some stupid-stupid bracelets on some market table.

She bought three from there. She also bought one stupid head tie from a used clothes table. Da food money she’s using so-o. Ehn yor see what Liberian girls can do? They graduated from the University of Eat Man Money. Da me say so.

She could not buy anything good to cook, so she went back home. When the guy came from work, she told him, “I didn’t cook because the market was too hard, and the money was small. So I just bought some small-small thing for myself.”

Guess the amount the guy left with her? LD400. My people, LD400 cannot cook food for two persons in this town? No, it can’t cook it, if you want to do it with a Liberian girl. Da me say so.

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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