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Ehn Yor See What Liberian Girls Can Do? – Part I

Yes, da me again. Da me Paul. Ehn yor know dat my mou’h not scared? I will talk it the way I see it, the way I hear it, the way I know it, and the way it is. You like it, jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern.

I will talk about these Liberian girls. They are all over the place. When it comes to beauty, ah! – they have it, but eh. When it comes to dressing, they know it, but eh. When it comes to serving men, they eat it like kanyan, but eh.

Yeah-o, my people, when you talk about all the good things Liberian girls can do or say, don’t forget to say, “But eh!” Da na fi-yah comin’ from my mou’h.

Liberian girls really full of it. The dry face they get, as our Sierra Leonean brethren would say, “it pass mark.” Liberian girls? You na able them. They are sophisticated man users. It is so because of the schools they attended and graduated from. Da me say so.

Liberian girls attended and graduated from the University of Rascality. That’s where they did their undergraduate studies. The University of Rascality offers a lot of courses in most of the things women have to know and do about themselves and their partners, about how to play this trick and that trick, and many other things. I must admit, Liberian girls did well at the University of Rascality. When it comes to playing rascality, to frustrating men, you na able them. But what do you expect from a group of people who graduated from such a university? University of Rascality, thank you for producing Liberian girls.

Not satisfied with their first degree, they enrolled at the University of Eat Man Money to do their master’s. They master fooling men any time they want. At the University of Eat Man Money, Liberian girls spent time learning and practicing all the techniques needed to capture a man and eat his money big time. And it doesn’t matter whether that man is a believer or a non-believer, an old man or a young man, a Liberian man or a foreigner, a black man or a white man. Hmm, when it comes to smartness or trickiness in eating men’s money, I can boast that Liberian girls are the best. If there were any leadership position fought for, I could easily say, “I rise to nominate a Liberian girl for that position.” I swear to God – I trust Liberian girls when it comes to tricking men and eating their money. Da their area.

After doing their undergraduate studies at the University of Rascality and their master’s at the University of Eat Man Money, Liberian girls did a special course called “How Women Can Use Men.”  Can you imagine? What can a man do to a group of women who has acquired all this knowledge and training and has attended all these first-class universities? I feel sorry for men, especially Liberian men.

Just last month, a girl went to her boyfriend – actually, one of her boyfriends – and told him that she was pregnant for him. Based on some prior conversation, the girl knew that they boy would not accept it, and that’s exactly what happened. She then told the boy that she needed US$30 to destroy the pregnancy, which the boy gave. She then went to her godpa and told him that she was pregnant for him, too. Being a married man – and a pastor, too – he gave her US$50 to abort the pregnancy. The girl went and fixed her hair with US$25 and bought some fashioned clothes for herself. The fact is that she was not pregnant. Enh yor see what Liberian girls can do?

Last week, a man saw a beautiful girl and fell in love with her just like that, but he didn’t want to tell her straightaway. After three days, he asked the girl to go to lunch with him the next day. They agreed on the time and the place. In fact, it was she who suggested the two. She chose one of the expensive restaurants in Central Monrovia. The guy agreed. He wanted woman.

When the man went to the restaurant the next day, the girl was already there waiting for him. But guess what? She had taken four other friends along, without informing the man about it. They all had prepared themselves to use the man and eat his money big time. When the man entered, she said, “Please meet my friends yah. They came with me.” Ehn yor see what Liberian girls can do?

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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