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Ehn Yor See What Liberian Men Can Do? – Part I

Yeah-o, my people. Da me again. Da me Paul. Da the same Paul dat can hit so and hit so. My mou’h na scared. You like it, jacko; you na like, Jack-o’-Lantern. Wheh you can do to me seh? Nothing! Da me say so.

Well, my people, I’m here to talk about these stupid creatures called men. I want to tell you something about their ways. In other words, I will tell you what they can do and say. I will suck it to them big time. Da me say so. Let them come beat my butt.

Liberian men? Let me lecture you about them. First of all, they attended and graduated from the University of Uselessness for their undergraduate degrees. And one thing about them, they like school business.

After graduating from the University of Uselessness, they entered the University of Deceitfulness for their master’s and graduated with high honors.

They are not dependable. You can’t trust them. Then they did a special course called Shamelessness. Believe me, my people. Dogs lick their faces. When dey say “real dry face,” they get it. You na able Liberian men.

As I said, Liberian men like book business. That’s why they attended the University of Deceitfulness after graduating from the University of Uselessness. That’s why they also did a special course called Shamelessness. But don’t forget that before going to college, they all graduated from the famous Sweet Mouth High School, where they also did a vocational subject called Big Show.

Liberian men? You na able them. Dey full of big show. When it comes to big show, you think they are the owners of the Gate of Heaven or the Paradise that Adam and Eve were in. Dey full of for-nothing big show. Besides, they have sweet mouth. Believe me. Dey full of sweet talks. When they give it to a woman, that woman just has to fall under them. Liberian men?

Dey also don’t have shame face at all, especially when it comes to woman business. Because they don’t have shame face, they do so-so dog things. On this one, I think men da dogs. Da me say. Let them come beat my butt. In fact, to hell with them seh. Da me say so again.

Anyway, as I was saying, You na able Liberian men. They like book business. That’s why they obtain their master’s degrees from the University of Deceitfulness. And that’s also why they also completed their undergraduate studies at the University of Uselessness. They are too useless. I don’t know how to talk about their owno uselessness.

A man worked with Firestone for twenty years, making huge salaries in the process. In fact, he was a senior staff member. They retired him about two years ago. But guess what? He is renting in a zinc shack in town na, na. He does not have a piece of land. He does not have a house. Can you imagine? He spent all his money behind Red Bank.

Ehn yor know what I mean? He was all around here renting for this woman and that woman. He was busy buying gold chains for all the women he slept with. Ehn yor see what Liberian men can do? But what do you expect from a group of people who graduated from the University of Uselessness?

Another one. A married man and his wife, along with their three little children, live in a house right in this town. The wife decided to bring her little sister from the interior to live with them and to help them in the process. They girl hardly takes her bath. In fact, her sister sometimes called her “dirty woman.” But guess what, my people?

They man started sleeping with the girl in the same house, forgetting to know that the girl is the one that doesn’t even like to take bath. Ehn yor see what Liberian men can do, my people? The people are useless. Yor will blame me for talking it just like that?

Another man – he’s a big bachelor – and his four children live in a house. They are two boys and two girls. The biggest child, a girl, is fourteen (14) years old. But guess what? Every week, the man brings in about ten (10) different women, all passing in front of his children just like that. Ehn yor see what can happen when a group of creatures don’t know anything shamefacedness? Ehn yor see what uselessness can do? Ehn yor see what Liberian men can do?

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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