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Ehn Yor See What Rogues Can Do?

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My people, rogues bad-o. Rogues can make you want to commit suicide. Rogues can confuse you big time. Rogues can make you want to grab anyone in the street and say, “You know who stole my …” Rogues can make you use all the bad expressions there is without you noticing it. Rogues can cause you to put your hands on your head as if your mother has just died.

Rogues can stupefy you. I experienced it last week. A guy stole my computer – a laptop – from my office at the New Dawn newspaper and went just like.

By the way, the brand of computer I’m talking about is MAXDATA; it is not a popular type of computer. Mine has a silver back that has an old scraping mark on it.  Prior to its being stolen, I had been using it for about five years. Imagine how much information I had stored on it. When it was stolen last Monday, I nearly went crazy. It was like I was bereaved.

Anyway, this is how it happened. I had to write an article for “Points to Ponder” and another for “Following the Issues.” I finished writing the article for the “Points to Ponder,” left my office (left it open with my computer sitting on the table-desk) and took the article to the Layout Room, which is also the office of the Editor-in-Chief. In it were the Editor-in-Chief and another man who was sitting in front of his desk. Both of them were discussing something.

When I entered, I handed the Editor the pen drive. He received it and asked, “For which column?”

“That’s for ‘Points to Ponder,’” I answered. “’Following the Issues’ will come later. I’m still working on it.” I left the office and entered the News Room where some reporters and other officials were sitting and chatting or writing.

After a two minutes, the man who was in the Editor’s office came from the direction of the Business Office and my office (both offices are about 9 feet apart) and passed between us in the News Room. He was holding his phone to his right ear, behaving as if he were busy communicating with another person. He was shouting. Some of us stared at his back and shook our heads to register our displeasure over his noisy behavior. None of us saw his face. He stepped out and was gone. There was a backpack on his back.

Then after about a minute, I decided to re-enter my office. It was when I realized that my computer was gone. I think I turned crazy. “My people, my computer is not in the office. Someone has stolen my computer,” I shouted, moving here and there like a little child whose older brother had just jerked something from him. Ehn yor see what rogues can do?

Confused, we all rushed outside to find the man, as if he would be standing at the gate waiting for us. We glimpsed so and glimpsed so like a lost child. Ehn yor see what rogues can do?

Some of those around the gate said they had seen the man talking on the phone and walking fast. Some said they saw one man getting on a bike and going towards the YMCA Building. We got confused more.

One of my colleagues, George Barpeen, rushed on Cary Street, a place where many stolen items are believed to be taken and sold. He found nothing and came back sweating like no one’s business. Ehn yor see what rogues can do? Another colleague, John Manjoe, ran like a cheetah towards the YMCA Building as if he had seen the criminal in the distance. Quickly, he passed Clay Street, then Carey Street and then McDonald Street. He was breathing like a cow. Ehn yor see what rogues can do.

My eyes turned red as if I had been swimming in the sea for hours. Ehn yor see what rogues can do? Sweat came from my body as if someone had just wasted some water on me. Ehn yor see what rogues can do? I sat quietly in the News Room. My lips shook and water set around my eyes. I didn’t know whether I was crying or not. I didn’t know whether I should cry or not. Ehn yor see what rogues can do?

I got up from the chair, took my phone and called a few friends here and there, asking them whether they knew anyone who could shoot lightning. I wanted to kill the person instantly. Ehn yor see what rogues can do?

I trembled like a child suffering from malaria. Ehn yor see what rogues can do? I got sick and did not come to work on Tuesday.  I came to work on Wednesday, but I was unable to write any new articles. Thing same thing happened on Thursday. Ehn yor see what rogues can do?

Matthew 6:15 tells us to forgive those who wrong us, but I refused to accept it that day. I wanted some car to hit him for him to die just like that. I wanted the criminal’s body to split open just like that. I wanted him to go blind just like that. Oh, I wanted him to … Ehn yor see what rogues can do?

I have not found the computer since. Again, it is called MAXDATA. It has an old scraping mark on the back. Let somebody help me eh.

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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