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Eight years old Motorbike Victim!

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When I saw this child in a park recently, I couldn’t help but ask, ‘What happened to your body? How did you get all these wounds and scars?” The boy, an eight year old said he was hit by a motor bike.

The boy has scars and some wounds on almost all parts of his body, including his hands, legs, and side of his face, his back, etc. It is evident that some of the physical scars will remain on this boy’s body forever. Now the saddest part of this child’s story like many others is that, ‘the motorbike driver ran away” In such “hit and run” case, parents, and caregivers are unable to track the motorbike drivers, because most Motor Bikes in Liberia do not have license plates, and probably the drivers may not have driving license.

It is time that the Police and other authorities take action to curtail this ‘hit and run” incidents by Motorbike riders.  Still, this tragic “hit and run” that involved  this eight year old boy could’ve and should have been avoided, if measures has been taken to ensure that all Motor bikes carry valid license plates (not the funny plates created by the riders), and all Motor Bike Riders go through a rigorous process to acquired Motor bikes driving license.

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