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EJS legacy is our legacy

-Former US Amb. Greenfield

Former U.S. Ambassador to Liberia, Mrs. Linda Thomas Greenfield says Ellen Johnson Sirleaf legacy, is a legacy for all women.The former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs speaking during the launch of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Presidential Center for Women Empowerment flagship program Amujae, on Sunday March 8, noted that Mrs. Sirleaf has set a standard for all women.

“I truly believe if your dream does not scare you it is not big enough. What we see here today is a big dream. President Sirleaf set standards during her 12 years as President of Liberia. She began and continues to set standard as role model for women empowerment,” Madame Greenfield, who doubles as the chair of the Amujae America’s chapter asserted.

She told the audience that Mrs. Sirleaf had a huge dream to establish a presidential library and a center to nurture young women into leadership and today that dream has become a reality.Madame Greenfield explained that the establishment of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Center and its flagship Amujae is the realization of a scary dream. The initiative aimed at empowering women across the African continent and beyond.

“You’ve worked hard…Ma Ellen did not shut the door behind her, she looked back,” Madame Greenfield said of Mrs. Sirleaf.She narrated that Madame Sirleaf has demonstrated her true nature as a leader, one who went through the door and looked back to help others to follow her path and achieve their goals as well.

She believes that with such an initiative to groom women to take up leadership positions, there is a future for Africa.The Amujae initiative is the first of its kind- to develop young women and cushioned them into leadership-“Thank you Madame, (its) the first but not the last,” Madame Greenfield said.

The former U.S diplomat told the audience that the Amujae initiative requires the effort of all to do their part and ensure that women meet their 50% goal of occupying positions in national leadership.

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