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Elect agriculturally sensitive leaders

A Lecturer at the University of Liberia says it has become more evidently clear that the lack of storage and processing facilities in the country impedes agricultural growth and serves as major contributing factor to the downward trend of the Liberian economy, which always affects rural dwellers to a large extent.

Mr. Melvin Garpeh, a 2011 representative candidate in Nimba’s electoral district eight, recently urged his kinsmen to organize themselves through cooperatives and seek assistance with one voice. The lecturer of Public Administration cautioned his kinsmen to begin to scrutinize those wanting to enter the Executive Manson, particularly politicians, who are sensitive to promoting agriculture in the country ahead of the 2017 race. 

During the July 26 Independence celebration with his kinsmen in Nimba, he provided scholarships in honor of Madam Yah ZowaGartei in GbehyiDuayee, Lowee Clan in electoral district 8th in recognition of her tireless efforts towards improving the lives of community dwellers. 

The Lecturer also stressed the need to provide supports to needy students who despite the economic challenges facing their parents, continue to excel in their various places of learning.  Mr. Garpeh believes that providing support for students will serve as motivational tools for academic excellence in their respective schools as the nation strives for better education. 

He provided a sponsorship that covered a number of students, totaling over $150,000LD, the statement said. The former legislative contestant says helping the children should be collective efforts to alleviate the hindrances in their academic sojourn.

“The children have great potentials and prospects, but require our collective attention,” he noted. He said government along cannot do all especially, with series of computing demands being placed on the national cake.

He recognized the outstanding performance of the beneficiaries in a ‘Spelling Bee’ competition sponsored by his team in collaboration with the Libra Sanitaton – a 100% Liberian owned company as part of the nation’s Independence Day celebration. 

“Our nation is thirsty for academic excellence; we must encourage the children in their endeavor. When children are educated, the nation wins. “There is a need to focus on the education of the children who are willing and academically excellent, but are economically challenged,” Mr. Garpeh is quoted in the statement as saying.

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