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Election wahala

The Supreme Court Thursday 21, December sentenced the National Elections Commission or NEC communications Director Henry Flomo to two days imprisonment for what it terms as violation of its ruling into the October 10 election disputes.

Flomo’s crime was that he viloated the superior court’s ruling when he stated on state radio ELBC that the Final voters’ Registration Roll or FRR has been cleaned and did not need any further cleaning.

His comment was said to be in violation of the court’s mandate which requested the electoral body to clean up the FRR before the conduct of the pending 26 December presidential runoff.

Mr. Flomo was fined US500 and he cannot appeal against his sentence because the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of justice.

He was escorted to the Monrovia Central Prison on Thursday night, following the court’s ruling.

The court in its ruling into the 10 October electoral dispute had asked officials of NEC not to make any comment on matters pending before it. It is not clear as to whether the court’s action is in line with the ruling Unity Party petition before it concerning the cleaning of the FRR.

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