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Electoral violence undermines peace

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WHETHER THEY ARE in position, opposition or no position Liberians generally have duty to reject and denounce violence during and after Tuesday’s senatorial election and national referendum to keep the Motherland stable and united.

IT IS FOOLHARDY for any Liberian, be it a voter or loyalist to a particular candidate or political party in these elections to think that narrow interest of a political party or candidate is above the survival of the State. Nurturing such believe is not being myopic in thought, but blinded by selfish motives that do not contribute to the national cause.

INSTEAD, THE OVER-RIDING responsibility of every citizen irrespective of party, tribal or religious affiliation should focus on contributing towards building a better Liberia in which all would co-exist harmoniously and endeavor to achieving his or her full potential.

NEWS FROM GRAND Cape Mount county over the weekend about campaign violence that led to burning of cars and a home is both scaring and disappointing. That we would want to revert our dear country to anarchy and vandalism after 14 years of violent killings and destruction just to satisfy a political party or candidate is sad.

WHY PEOPLE WOULD want to go so low in desperation for power that is purely inherent in the people. If the people of Grand Cape Mount county decide to elect candidate X or Y, it is their full right under the Constitution, which should be respected.

A CANDIDATE LOSING an election should always know there are more opportunities ahead, and such experience from a poll just signals a need to return to the drawing board and re-strategize for future election. Current President George Manneh Weah is a glaring example of the benefit of exercising patience and self-control, for when God’s-appointed time comes, you will have it all without much sweat.

WE ARE SURE no politician or candidate in the race wants to preside over a burning country that drives away partners and investors and leaves the citizenry in misery and starvation. Any Liberian carrying such ambition does not mean well for the country and his fellow compatriots.

THIS IS WHY we join call by Foreign Missions accredited to Liberia for the Grand Cape Mount violence to be investigated promptly so that perpetrators would be brought to justice to reassure both citizens and foreign residents.

CONDEMNATION AND OF the violence by President Weah and call for political partisans and their leaders to conduct themselves peacefully is not enough. The government should apply the strong arm of the law to make sure it is not repeated anywhere else in the country.

ELECTIONS WOULD COME and go but Liberia, our common denomination should always supersede all self interest that is just for a while, for without a stable country, every other thing is meaningless.

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