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Ellen admonishes Lawmakers

PrezEllenJohnson-as she dedicates park
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has asked members of Paynesville City Legislative Caucus to talk to their colleagues in the Liberian Senate to confirm acting Paynesville City Mayor Cyvette M. Gibson ahead of nominating her to the post.

The President began the early lobbying process with lawmakers Tuesday, June 30 in Paynesville City when she officially dedicated another park under the watch of Acting Mayor Gibson at the Duport Road intersection.

“… So, I asked the mayor you still acting? She said yes, I am still acting mayor… so I’m putting it in your hands even though I know it is a Senate’s function, but the [Senators are] your colleagues. So when I put it before you, you will work with them – I will make sure I will get the nomination to you and then I’ll call upon you to do what you have to do with your colleagues,” she appealed to the lawmakers.

At the occasion, were two Montserrado County Representatives- Henry Fahnbulleh and Mr. Thomas Fallah, among other lawmakers from different counties, but are residents of Montserrado.

President Sirleaf praised the work of Madam Gibson, the young people who work with her and contractors who did the “beautiful piece of work”, also expressing gratitude to the National Social Security Corporation for its support.

“Progress always bring in more desire for more progress,” she further noted, challenging Mayor Gibson to go further in making sure that a nearby grave yard that she said was currently “in very bad shape,” be relocated in a place of dignity, indicating that if the cemetery was over-crowded, it must be closed down in a proper faction to enusre that it is dignified for those that will be going there for their relatives and associates.

She also urged the mayor to look at the motorcyclists’ situation in response to Representative Fahnbulleh’s earlier call to have a parking station for commercial cyclists.

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The Acting Mayor recalled that at the ELWA beautification project dedication in June 2014, President Sirleaf highlighted the need to replicate the project at the Duport Road junction, emphasizing that the Duport Road community had a growing population of about 114,321 residents.

In separate remarks, Representative Fahnbulleh pleaded with President Sirleaf to step up support to the Paynesville City Corporation, complaining that Monrovia City had a budget of some US$6 million, while Paynesville- with the highest population had some $400,000; Representative Thomas Fallah challenged Duport Road residents to maintain the park, as management of the area rested upon them.

By Winston W. Parley

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