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Ellen Commissions Two New Diplomats

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has administered oaths of office to twonewly appointed Liberian diplomats to the Court of St. James in theUnited Kingdom and Republic of Ghana, respectively.

Ellen Commissions

Ambassador Dr. Mohammed Sheriff is taking up assignment at the Courtof St. James in the United Kingdom, while Ambassador Jenevie Kennedytakes over at the Liberian Embassy in Ghana here in West Africa.

During the ceremony, President Sirleaf challenged the two LiberianAmbassadors to foster stronger relationships between Liberia and their various places ofassignment. She particularly told Amb. Kennedy that she was assigned to a verychallenging and progressive country, before asking her to foster astronger relationship between the two countries.

Amb. Sheriff – assigned to the Court of St. James in London, theUnited Kingdom also has concurrent multiple accreditations toNorthern Ireland, the Holy See and the Order of Malta. He assured President Sirleaf that his presence in the Holy See andNorthern Ireland will have the positive impact that she desires,adding that he will also engage and build on the strong bilateral relationship with Northern Ireland.

“… Considering the Post-Ebola epidemic in Liberia, we intend toengage all of the Institutions that are involved in health and educationto be pro-active at the Mission by immediately appointing a deskofficer who will be the Health and Education Officer sorelyresponsible to coordinate all health and education-related issues inthe UK, Northern Ireland, the Holy See and the Malta for Liberia,” hesaid.

Concluding, he promised to continue to project Liberia’s positiveimage in the international community, discharge his duties with utmostfaithfulness and diligence to assist in the successful implementationof Liberia’s foreign policy goals.

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Also speaking, Amb. Kennedy assured President Sirleaf that they willdo everything in their power to abide by the principles laid down byher (President Sirleaf) in the best interest of Liberia.

Amb. Kennedy vowed to prove to the world that Liberia hasreturned stronger from the years of war here, stressing that she willlive up to the confidence reposed in her by the president.

While acknowledging that taking over the Liberian Mission in Ghana wasa big shoes to fill after the late Amb. Rudolph vonBalmoos, Amb. Kennedy, however, promised to follow his

examples to the desire of President Sirleaf.

By Winston W. Parley-Edited by George Barpeen

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