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Ellen condemns hate speeches

Barely a week after the end of first round of elections, President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf says government’s attention has been drawn to displays on social media that are extremely inimical to the survival of Liberia’s peace and democracy.

Delivering a special statement on Thursday, 19 October, Mrs. Sirleaf condemned the abuse and misuse of social media here through the use of invectives, hate speech and outright vulgarity which denigrates adversaries with whom there might be disagreement.

“In light of the progress we have collectively made, I call on our fellow citizens to remain civil, responsible and continue to be tolerant of diverging opinions and views that might not necessarily be favorable to ours,” she says.

The President warns that resorting to profanities on social media contributes nothing to the national discourse, but only serves to taint Liberians’ national and international image. She urges that Liberians must all express their indignation to this unacceptable way of politicking and seek to continue the decent democratic values that
have brought them this far as a nation and people.

“As Liberians pat themselves on the back for peacefully voting in the October 10 polls, all must continue to demonstrate our love for country by and through our actions,” she adds.

President Sirleaf says the greatest task must focus on how Liberians consolidate the democratic gains made over the last 12 years, by voting peacefully and nationalistically, respecting the law and keeping the peace for the greater good of the country.– Press release

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