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Ellen declares May as Red Cross Day

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has by Proclamation declared May 1 through 31, as “Red Cross Month” and, May 8, 2017, as “World Red Cross Red Crescent Day” to be observed throughout the country as a Working Holiday.

According to a Foreign Ministry release, the Proclamation directs the Liberia National Red Cross Society to join the World Red Cross Red Crescent Movement to celebrate the month of May this year under the theme: “Everywhere for Everyone.”

Additionally, the Liberian leader has directed all civic and voluntary organizations and government agencies concerned, to fully participate in programs as planned by the Liberian National Red Cross Society to make the occasion meaningful and rewarding.

She emphasized that the events which focus on highlighting the universal presence and impact of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement in humanitarian service should be held in Liberia’s 15 counties beginning with street parades, and climaxed by indoor programs, community services ranging from general clean-up exercises at public places and donations of relief materials to vulnerable institutions.

The Proclamation stresses that everywhere around the world, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is there for everyone, with neutrality and impartiality to offer hope and support, thus acting as a force for positive change in communities when it is needed the most. It is present everywhere, providing support to the most vulnerable in all contexts from large scale disasters, challenging conflict situations, to remote and hard to reach areas where no other aid organization have access to.

The Proclamation furthers that in our rapidly changing world, young people will lead positive change as recent surveys indicate that half of the 17 million Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers in 190 countries are youths who are innovators embracing new ideas and technologies faster than any generation before them and thousands of whom worldwide have been trained as peer educators in Red Cross Red Crescent Movement.

The Liberian leader notes that after 150 years of its birth, the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement continues to provide humanitarian services to vulnerable communities and has indicated commitments to continue doing so now and in the future.

President Sirleaf recalled that for more than 130 years, the devoted volunteers of the Liberian Red Cross have responded to challenges in the various counties, districts and communities with compassion and generosity and in times of disaster, they deliver humanitarian relief, save lives and offer hope for the brighter tomorrow, noting that their service has meant so much to many.

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President Sirleaf, in the Proclamation, states that this month (May), Government renews its sense of common purpose and honor all those whose sacrifices have made the society more prepared, resilient, and united.

The World Red Cross Red Crescent Movement has been committed to rendering relevant and timely services to the distressed and needy people throughout the world in time of trouble, sickness, war, natural calamity, and other forms of disasters.

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