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Ellen Defied

What many students in Monrovia and its environs have dubbed ‘Super Friday’ is reportedly being encouraged by owners of beaches east of the city. This is in total disregard and violation of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s recent orders for an immediate halt to such beach activities, most especially during schools hours.

‘Super Friday’ is the last school day of the week unceremoniously set aside by students of most schools and children during and after school to ‘merry-make’ on beaches, especially in the Sinkor suburb of Monrovia.

Authorities of these beaches continue to open their doors to these students and children, boycotting classes, as well as desecrating the decency and dignity of women and menhood, in total defiance of President Sirleaf’s orders.

At the Bernard beach recently during a visit by this paper, little Susan Gray, 8, was seen swimming along with her friends of the same age in the Atlantic ocean. According to little Susan, she and her brothers along with other friends entered the beach through the main gate paying L$25.00 each.

When quizzed about her parents, she said: “My ma in the market selling and my pa gone to work, so, me and my brothers came to swim in the water. Before our ma and pa come home, we will already be at home,” she explained.

Alvin Gray, 14, a senior brother of Susan and also the oldest of the beach-goers, told this paper that they usually pay at the gate before entering the beach. When asked how they generate the money, he said, “sometimes our ma give us money to eat, but we use it to enter he beach. other times, we can beg some older people who come on the beach with their girl friends to put us in,” he said.

At the Bernard Beach, no member of the management team could speak to the New Dawn. Five students were expelled last year from the First Assembly of God High School for activities incompatible with their student status, including smoking on the beach in uniforms.

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