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Ellen Dismisses Gbarpolu Supt.

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaPresident Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has with immediate effect dismissed Gbarpolu County Superintendent, Boimah Quaye Taweh along with his Assistant Superintendent for Development Rev. Emmanuel Kerkula.

In the dismissal letter dated January 6, 2012, President Sirleaf has directed Internal Affairs Minister Harrison Karnwea, to forward the two former officials to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, LACC for appropriate action.

A release issued here Monday said the dismissal followed a recommendation for indefinite suspension of the two officials by Minister Karnwea dated January 4, 2012.

According to the Minister, Mr. Taweh and Rev. Kerkula failed to follow established rules for the disbursement of County Development Funds.

The Internal Affairs Minister had recommended the suspension after investigation proved that the two local officials facilitated the process that led to a contractor identified as Jallah K. Mends-Cole being paid US$130,000.00 in deliberate disregard to his instruction.

The release further noted that Minister Karnwea also recommended similar action (indefinite suspension) against Mr. Morris Y. Kollie and Boimah S. Quaye, Project Management Committee Chairman and Treasurer of the County, respectively for their involvement.

He said the four persons knowingly and willingly agreed to dish out one hundred thousand and thirty thousand US Dollars, respectively for two contracts to be implemented in two districts, far exceeding the Gbarpolu Special County Development threshold of thirty-one thousand seventeen dollars forty-seven cents (US$31, 017.47) per district.

The Public Information Section of the Internal Affairs Ministry says owing to the concern about the flouting of the resolution of the Gbarpolu Special County Development Council associated with said payment, Minister Karnwea instructed ECOBANK not to pay.

He also instructed Superintendent Taweh not to instruct the bank to pay the contractor whose record is replete with contract abandonment.

Contrary to the Minister’s definite instructions, two checks; #s 820869 and 820868 bearing the amounts in question were allegedly cashed on 22 and 27, December 2011. Minister Karnwea is quoted in the release as describing the actions as flagrant disregard to him and his instructions.

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