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Ellen seeks informed expressions

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf addressPresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has challenged Liberians to ask for informed positions of expressions which reflect honesty and truth as the true test of power.

In her Independence Day remarks delivered in Greenville, Sinoe County where the 168th Independence Celebration was held on Monday, 27 July, President Sirleaf said in these trying times, it’s needless to ask many what you can do for your nation, because that would be asking too much in effort of patriotism, in recognition of the long road of definitive and quantifiable progress.

She said the 2015 Independence Celebration is far different from previous years as Liberians look back to 2014, to the true test of their faith and resilience to the challenges posed by an unknown enemy the nation had never seen before.

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“Despite those trying times, our country and its development objectives have not faltered, and the fundamental principles of this Nation, dedicated to democracy, the rule of law, human freedom and individual dignity, were strengthened by our resolve to defeat the Ebola Virus Disease”, the Liberian leader added.

However, she reminded that despite those trying times, the country and its development objectives have not faltered, and the fundamental principles of the State, dedicated to democracy, the rule of law, human freedom and individual dignity, were strengthened by the collective resolve to defeat the Ebola Virus Disease.

“We give thanks to God Almighty for strengthening this resolve, and now ask that we stand for one moment of silence to the memory of the precious lives of more than 4,800 of our fellow compatriots. May God continue to strengthen and richly bless their families who the Liberian nation deeply console.”

She expressed gratitude to the unprecedented show of solidarity from the International Community to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Mission on Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) which coordinated and advised on the response.

“We express profound appreciation to our multilateral and bilateral partners, foundations and individuals several countries from all over the world. We especially applaud our continental organizations, ECOWAS and the African Union which mobilized unprecedented private sector support and recruited 339 Africans from 16 countries including (Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Benin, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana and Niger) to make the sacrifice to leave their country and families to join us in the fight”, she added.

President stressed that as Liberians celebrate a National milestone, they must be mindful that global conditions force millions of people in all parts of the world to face death, and destruction from wars, earthquakes, floods, terrorism and other violent natural phenomena, adding that sometimes, these tragedies take form of internal descent, unrest, oppression and hunger.

She noted that the ability to surmount these challenges come from a demonstration of inner strength to survive, to recognize the progress upon which to build to regain lost ground, to continue to build a nation toward the common goals of peace and prosperity.

“Our Government is pleased to note that bilateral relations with Governments represented near this capital have been most cordial and that the spirits of friendship and solidarity have dominated our official and special contacts. We congratulate the Doyen and Members of the Diplomatic Corps and assure them of the continued determination of the Government and People of Liberia to live in peace and friendship with all nations and to work and live together as equal partners in the pursuit of permanent world peace and cooperation.”

The President also called on fellow Liberians to resolve in their hearts to love the State, protect its heritage and pledge anew to the true ideal of service to the Republic.

Liberia declared her independence on July 26, 1847 from the American Colonization Society or ACS, which repatriated freed slaves from America and set up the first government headed by an American, Joseph Jenkins Roberts. By Jonathan Browne

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