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Ellen still uncertain of successor

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaPresident Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf has told eager loyalists that she will name her favorite presidential candidate in July during the campaign season when it shall have become legal, while facing supporters’ pressure to suggest to them whom should they vote in the October presidential and representatives elections.

President Sirleaf’s vice president Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai is heading the ruling Unity Party or UP ticket to elections this year in a bid for the party’s third term. But her supportersare eager to know from her at first hand at every stop of her nationwide farewell tour- who she would nominate to succeed her.

She told a town hall meeting at Gbowah Geekeh CityHall in Grand KruCounty on Tuesday, 21 March that she would go backthere during thecampaign season in July to announce a candidate, inresponse toquestions from market women leader Martha Toe andprevious speakerswho had asked similar question as to whom she would
leave them with.

The president’s latest pronouncement comes weeks afterreuniting withVP Boakai who was recently reported to have madecomments thatappeared to have supported suspicion in some quartersthat the presidentmay not have been demonstrating support to the UPas it seeks third termin an election flooded with multiple opposition partiesand candidates.

Earlier at Karquakpo City in the Dugbe River Districtof Sinoe County,President Sirleaf said her government had laid asolid foundation that justneeded others to come and put in a roof.

In reaffirming her commitment to turn over power tothe next electedleader, Mrs. Sirleaf said Liberia is going to be ademocratic country, andfurther pledged to follow the constitution through hersupport to smoothtransition of power.

In continuation of President Sirleaf’s third leg ofher farewell tour in thesouth east, county officials and local government aswell as marketwomen, chiefs and youths appreciated President Sirleafin Grand KruCounty for leading the country peacefully over thepast 11 years.

Grand Kru County Senator Doctor Peter Coleman saidhis county hasundergone “tremendous transformation” under the SirleafAdministration,particularly thanking her for over 3000 jobs providedfor citizens withGolden Veroleum Liberia as a result of agreementsigned with thecompany.

Sen. Coleman said President Sirleaf’s recent approvalof the Grand KruTechnical and Vocational School, and equipping theRally Time Hospitalwas among several reasons for his happiness with thepresident.

President Sirleaf had cut ribbons to the Dugbeh HighSchool and a healthcenter in Grand Kru County during her tour andassessment of the countyto ascertain what government has done there and whatcan still be donewithin the few months leading to the expiry of hersecond and final term aspresident.

Students in Grand Kru County led by 7th graderComfort Nyemah honoredand crowned President Sirleaf as “Presidential Queen ofAfrica”, andnamed her “Gbornyoneh,” a traditional name among theKwa speakingpeople here meaning “Iron Lady”.

As usual the president made numerous stops along theway fromGreenville City of Sinoe County to Barclayville ofGrand Kru County, andinteracted with citizens in towns and villages. Therewere multiple town hallmeetings along the way before reaching to Barclayville,and she gave outgifts to young people, elderly men and women wholined up to greet thepresident.

-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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