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Ellen urges recommitment to peace

President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf has urged citizens’ recommitment to peace and reconciliation, in her pleads on the third leg of her nationwide farewell county tour that Liberians do all they can to help make the country what citizens want it to be.

The first Liberian female elected president is being credited here as first outgoing president who has taken up such time nearing the end of her administration to recognize in a special way and thank the citizenry for being peaceful during her administration.
She was welcomed in a traditional fashion with a white chicken and cola at villages and towns in Sinoe County, as young people, women and elders chanted slogans and telling President Sirleaf that they will miss her after her presidency.

During an intercessory service held at the Greenville City Hall on Monday, 20 March, President Sirleaf said she was pleased that “tonight” be a night of reflection on where the country has been blessed.

She said sometimes “we” forget the little things that matter to say thanks, especially after making a vow to God during difficult times when “we” thought there was nothing there “for us”. She referenced the Ebola crisis when the disease attacked the country and terrible predictions were made against the country, saying Liberians stood up and looked up to God for help.

Having recalled the difficult past, she urged that the intercessory night be used for reflection for making the “impossible possible”.

Earlier during a town hall meeting at Bilibokree City on Monday, Mrs. Sirleaf told citizens that the country would have been in trouble if citizens were fussing all the time. She said it was due to their peacefulness and cooperation that the country remains peaceful, while thanking and appreciating them for their role.

The President’s third leg of farewell tour saw Sinoe County lawmakers publicly reconciling and hugging at a town hall meeting in Bilibokree, after Sen. Milton Teahjay openly told citizens that tension in the county was too much. He said Sinoe was no exception to President Sirleaf’s suggestion that reconciliation here was government’s biggest challenge, having acknowledged that in seeking an elected job, one may not get the support of everyone.

Sen. Teahjay who has been reported to have been at loggerhead with Rep. Matthew Zarzar over alleged different political interests, had hugged Rep Zarzar, while acknowledging that “you” can’t go on hating everyone who did not support you in seeking your elected office.

Sen. Teahjay praised President Sirleaf for her work in the country, saying she was leaving a country that its people can be proud of.

By Winston W. Parley-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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