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Embracing the New Year with a change

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Not much may have been pursued and achieved in the year 2014 by us and our nation only because of our national health crisis, even though a national development agenda had already been in full swing at the start of the year.

Winning the fight against the deadly Ebola virus disease which killed about 4000 of our compatriots, including  health workers, was our main focus, and to God be the Glory, the continues to be won, as shown by the drastic reduction of the number of cases and deaths across the country.

Despite the losses sustained as a nation- in terms of huge infection and death cases, as well as the suspension of operations by major revenue-contributing institutions and companies, resulting to a discouraging nature of the country’s economy, our nation did not despair, but continuously persevered to the end of 2014. In so doing, the Government and people of Liberia remained very resolute- bending backward and forward against all odds and Ebola, in keeping the country the going.

In view of the foregoing, we must hail us all – the President’s political will, assistance from international and local partners, as well as efforts of health workers and media, among others, for such collective and tremendous strides that have got us thus far.

Now that we are into the tear 2015, it is incumbent upon us to continue such collective or national focus not only to continue battling the deadly Ebola virus disease to its complete demise, but in all directions of our national existence and growth.

“In Union strong, success is sure” as  enshrined in our National Anthem, must be practically reflected in our ‘deeds, not lips’ as we all strive to change the face of things in 2015 and beyond  as they relate to our national development agenda.

Back-biting, malice, vindictiveness, un-necessary suspicions arising from misinformation and gossips, as well as other vices which impede progress must now be placed far at the bottom of our individual and national priorities so as to ensure exactitude, speed and timeliness in the achievement of our institutional and national goals and objectives. It is no secret that, for the past year and before, our individual hatred, ‘interest’ and suspicion harbored against each other on the basis of gossips and lies in our respective institutions served as factors responsible for the implementation and achievement of growth and development in whatever manner and form.

As we embrace the New Year, leaders of our institutions and nation must begin to exhibit some degree of openness and trust in their relationship with their professional colleagues and employees/staff in their day-in-day interactions and activities, placing the achievement or accomplishment of institutional goal (s) and objective(s) at the core- the surest way of fostering institutional and national growth and development.

Unless this New Year is embraced with a ‘change of mind and attitude’ in all of our professional deeds and relationships, resurgence of the past will always hamper our nation’s growth and development, and our problem with us will continue to be us.

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