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Emmanuel Dahn takes on Rep. Solomon George

By Kruah Thompson 

As the electoral campaign heats up, the political atmosphere in Montserrado County Electoral District#7 is charged with tension and accusations.

One of the candidates vying for the district’s seat, Emanuel Dahn, has taken a bold stance against the incumbent lawmaker, Solomon George of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change.

Addressing audience at the graduation ceremony of the Emanuel Dahn District Training Center on BYC field in PHP Community in Monrovia on Sunday, August 20, 2022, Mr. Dahn did not hesitate to critique Representative George’s track record.

He firmly believes that the incumbent has not succeeded in adequately empowering residents of District#7 during his entire 12 years in the House.

However, he says in response to the shortcoming, he has gone to great lengths, even to the point of sacrificing his family’s needs to uplift and empower the district.

“I have sacrificed for these people, and I have served them extensively. I was even supposed to go to America with my family, but I used my resources for the people,” Dahn highlights in his unwavering dedication to the residents of District#7.

Dahn, who firmly expresses commitment to keep investing his time and resources in community service, cited instances when his critics accused him of not adequately addressing the district’s needs.

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He labels those making such criticisms as agents of the devil disseminating falsehoods, simultaneously vowing to directly confront them by taking the fight to their doorsteps.

At the same time, he pledges to reveal their identities and expose their past actions, declaring “We will reveal to the district who you truly are. We have the media to do so, and we also have the authority.”

Speaking of education, he notes that some of his critics claim to have their children enrolled in his school but wonders why these critics are unwilling to send their children to another school where the tuition is four hundred dollars higher.

He boasts that his school offers accessible education at affordable fees, which is why they have students enrolled on scholarships.

On the other hand, Dahn recounts various sacrifices he has made for the community, such as running a drug store to address the district’s needs.

However, he expressed dismay at negative rhetoric surrounding his efforts, while consoling himself that people will acknowledge the positive contributions he and his team are making.

Besides, he also recounts his involvement during the Covid-19 pandemic, including provision of free ambulance services to help spread medical assistance throughout the district.

Turning to the impending election, he says residents in the district will ultimately decide who is capable and committed to serving them. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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