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Emmanuel Tolue receives additional 10k

By Lincoln G Peters

Emmanuel Tolue, the teenager who found and returned US50,000 to the owner has received an additional 10,250 in cash reward from the Chief Executive Officer of the Spoon Group of Companies and focal moderator of the Spoon Talkshow, Mr. Stanton Witherspoon.

Tolue, an 18-year-old commercial motorcyclist from Nimba County, recently found and returned to Madam Musu Yancy, the rightful owner of US$50,000.00 while he was riding near the Gblor Dialla Township in Nimba County.

Since then, Tolue has been receiving recognition and awards, some of which came from Liberia’s President George Manneh Weah and other top officials and institutions here.

According to Emmanuel, while riding the bike he found the money wrapped in a plastic bag on the road. He opened the bag and saw US$50,000.00 cash and he took it to his aunt for safekeeping until the owner was located.  

Presenting the cash on behalf of Mr. Witherspoon, the General Manager of Spoon Group of Companies Madam Tetee C. Karneh explained that the donation is a result of the high level of integrity, honesty, and sincerity displayed by Tolue, ordinary motorcyclists from a very poor background.

“On behalf of the Spoon Talk show Crew, the Spoon Group of Companies, my bossman Mr. Stanton Witherspoon, the CEO, and every other person that contributed toward this little token, I’m excited to present to you the sum of $10,250.00 United States Dollars,” said Madam Karneh.

She explained that money was raised by followers and supporters of Spoon talk show recently and [increased] by her boss. She urged Tolue to accept the donation in good faith and to continue the good work.

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On 19 October 2021, the Spoon FM flagship program “The Spoon Talk Show,” raised US$5, 126 plus 150 bags of cement along with an iPhone 13 as an appreciation for Tolue’s exceptional display of honesty. 

The cement was generated based on Tolue’s appeal to listeners and viewers when he appeared on the talk show to construct a house for his aunt as a way of appreciating her for raising him to become an honest person.

Besides, Spoon Network CEO Stanton Witherspoon also pledged to double the money generated during the live broadcast.

Receiving the cash, Integrity Icon Tolue expressed excitement and happiness for the kind gesture, adding that he never thought that he could have been respected and recognized in society.

“Because of this, my friends said all the worst to me. Some of them even insult me in my face saying that I will die poor. Most of them even threatened me for returning this money that does not belong to me,” explained Tolue.

“Today, I’m at this point. I just can’t understand because this is like a total dream to me and God is really at work,” he added.

Meanwhile, Tolue has called on youths, particularly motorcyclists across the country to practice honesty and integrity, adding that people have too many negative views about motorcyclists that they are criminals.–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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