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Empty talk

-CDC replies Dillon

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The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change describes the recent statement by Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darious Dillon that if President George Manneh Weah tempered with the pending midterm senatorial elections in December, his administration would abruptly end, as ‘cheap propaganda and empty talks that have no weight’.

Addressing a news conference in Monrovia on August 04, at the CDC’s headquartersin Congo Town, national chairman MulbahMorlu notes that the insinuation by the Montserrado County Senator is clear indication of sign of defeat, ahead of the December 08 Special Senatorial elections. Morlu says Senator Dillon is smelling defeat and the only option he has is to spread lies, mislead the people through cheap propaganda.

According to Morlu, the Liberty Party senator has no capacity to disrupt the peace of the country as the CDC is prepared to politically dislodge him on December 08.

Senator Abraham Darius Dillon last week Wednesday increased the volume of his war drum, saying that President George Manneh Weah will not end his tenure if he tempers with the will of the people.

Liberians are expected to head for the poll on December 8 in midterm senatorial elections that will also see the country voting in a referendum.

But members of the opposition are apprehensive the ruling party has plans to rig the polls. “We know what tempering with elections have caused us,” Dillon told a group of religious leaders who had gone to seek clarity on the Senator’s statement about the President’s tenure in office being cut short if the election is tempered with.

Chairman Morlu continues that Senator Dillon’s constant drumbeat of war is understandable, as he’s afraid and already feels badly defeated before the political battle even begins.

He says no threats can save Dillon now, as he’s way behind battle lines, adding, the opposition senator will feel the wrath of CDCians and independent-minded Liberians, who can remember nothing he has achieved as senator except to organize violent protests and keep threatening peace with war.

“We must not take his threats for granted; while he lacks the capacity to remove this government, but he and his cohorts are able to cause major disturbances that may cause the loss of innocent lives and destroy properties of poor citizens as they attempted recently through violent urban Arson attacks. Nevertheless, CDCEANS must continue to remain peaceful and focused and not follow destructive path of violence. As I’ve often said, if anyone slap your right ear, turn the left, nothing justifies violence,” he said.

Commenting on the recent violence in Grand Gedeh County, where opposition leader Alexander Cummings and Representative KekehKolubah came under attck from stone-throwing youths believed to be from the youth league of the CDC, Morlu said rule of law must at all times remain the only recourse to resolving differences, political or otherwise, adding, nothing justifies violence.

He stressed that if the arc of the moral universe will bend towards justice in every situation pertaining to expression of grievances in the country, then it must be done through the rule of law, not violence.

“Violence is antithetical to the CDC; we must all embrace tolerance to freedom of speech. Yet, insults and blatant indiscipline against the president and leaders of our country, chiefs, elders and people in public service do not fall within the contexts and definition of freedom of speech. Insulting national leaders is not only anti-peace, but is also anti-cultural and violates all social norms and taboos. This irresponsible behavior pattern is called deviancy and must be condemned and halted. So, while we all hasten to condemn violence, we are all under moral compulsion to equally condemn deviancy, actions that go against social norms and standards, leading negative public reactions,” he told the news conference.

He pointed out that within this context, CDC will all clearly agree that while the situation that occurred in the southeast cannot be justified, yet it is an exaggerated act of provocation, especially when one starts calling south-easterners ‘chickens to be butchered’, with CPP’s leader Alexander Cummings present and allegedly gave tacit approval.

Last Thursday’s violence in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County has received widespread condemnation from Liberians both at home and abroad, including members of the Grand Gedeh Legislative who described the act as “shameful and embarrassing.”

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor– Editing by Jonathan Browne

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