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Enforce same rules for all parties

–EU tells NEC

The European Union Delegation to Liberia has urged Liberia’s National Elections Commission (NEC) to enforce the same rules in dealing with all political parties in conducting the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

In a statement released Wednesday, 26 April 2023, Ambassador Laurent Delahousse, Head of the EU Delegation to Liberia, said it is essential that all players follow the same rules.

He suggested that there should be no players who start campaigning before the others. 

“There are objective differences between the means and resources available to political parties, but the rules must be the same and the rules must be strictly enforced by the National Elections Commission and strictly respected by the political parties,” said Amb. Delahousse.

The EU Envoy explained that campaign regulations are very important because, for the functioning of the Liberian democracy, it is essential that there is a level playing field. 

“We have full trust in the National Elections Commission. We call on political parties and the National Elections Commission to be very clear on the implementation of the election regulations,” he continued. 

According to him, the international community supports the electoral process in Liberia, adding that they support it politically and financially.

“We are great friends and admirers of the Liberian democracy, as you know.”

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Further, he indicated that some of them in the international community, if invited by the Government of Liberia and the NEC, will send observers for the election. 

He revealed that there is at present, for instance, an exploratory mission from the European Union to prepare a possible European Union observation mission. 

Amb. Delahousse detailed that the EU has met with media, political parties, the Elections Commission and all stakeholders, but there is no public communication at this stage.

“Third point, we support fully the National Elections Commission to organize the election,” he said.

Meanwhile Amb. Delahousse noted that the EU Delegation has observed the voter registration process and it has witnessed during this registration process the practice of trucking. 

“This practice is illegal, it is against the regulations, it is against the basic principles of representative democracy,” he warned. 

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