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Enjoying Using Your Man – Part 2

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Yes, it is a known fact that women like using men. Woman eat using men like kanyan. Using men da women’s area. And we men, no joke, are stupid creatures – or become stupid creatures – in the presence of women. That’s why I would like to be a woman if died and came back.

It is almost every girl’s or woman’s dream or plan to use some man in her life. And usable men are all over the place. Almost every girlfriend or wife just enjoys using her man. And stupid boyfriends and husbands are all over the place. Da me say so. You like it, jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern.

Visit the various beaches or homes or entertainment centers. It is likely that you will see a girl or a woman resting her dirty legs on a man’s lap. The stupid man will sit there as if there is no weight exerted by that lady’s legs. Nonsense! If I died and came back, I would be a woman. I want to use these stupid creatures called men.

From the kind of using that women are doing to men – all men, whether black men or white men – I want to believe that women are smarter than men. They use men and eat their money big time. They use men in many different ways. Men are really nunu creatures. They are big-time boh-nuah creatures. If I died and came back, I swear to God, I would like to be a woman. I want to use men, too.

Just last week, for instance, I saw a small-in-the-body guy walking with his girlfriend on Bernard’s Beach. After a few minutes, the girl, who had body than the boy, told the guy, “Come tote me on your back small, JR.”

Quickly, the guy bent his poor little back and the girl climbed on it. The girl balanced on him like an alligator resting on a small log. He could barely walk in the sand, but he wanted to satisfy the girl, forcing himself to be balanced.

The girl balanced on his back relaxingly and laughing continually as the stupid creature – that is the guy – went boh-nuah, boh-nuah, boh-nuah on the beach. Later, the girl deceitfully said, “You really strong-o, JR.”

After a few minutes, he could not make it any longer. He fell under the girl’s weight, compounded by the unstable sand. Of course, the girl fell with him. He was breathing like a cow, while the girl was laughing like nobody’s business. Sand was all over them, too.

But, before long, the girl sat in the sand and started crying in an I-will-use-this-other-stupid-man manner.

And guess what? Instead of the guy lying on the sand and regaining his strength and breath or wiping the sand off his own body, he went to the girl and started wiping the sand off her body and saying, “I’m sorry, Cece (for Cecelia). I didn’t mean it, hon.”

Can you imagine? He was not worried about his poor back. He was not concerned about the sand all over his body, but he was worried about wiping sand from the girl’s body and about telling her sorry. If I die and come back, I will be a woman. I will use men in this world like no one’s business. But men are usable creatures created to be used by these smart creatures called women.

Here this one. A few days ago, I asked a girl to buy me LD10 worth of kada and LD5 cold water. She had more than LD500 with her. Guess what she said? “Da you suppose to offer me. You de man.”

In a sense, she was saying that I am a man – a usable creature – so I should be the one to spend on her. Her money is not good for me, but mine is good for her. This is crazily interesting. But, because I, too, am part of the stupid creatures called men, I gave the girl LD100. It was later that my stupid self started thinking about what I had done.

Look at this kinda thing, my people. The girl was unwilling to spend LD15 on me, but I was happy to spend more than six times that amount on her? If I die and come back, I swear to Jesus and God, I will be a woman. I want to use me, too.

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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