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Enjoying Using Your Man – Part I

It is a known fact that, generally speaking, women like to use men. And men, too, because they usually act stupid under the spell of women, are used by women. Some men are ceremonious heads of their homes. They are dictated to by their wives or girlfriends.

Many women want to be the ones to tell their husbands how much good those husbands should do for their relatives, including their parents. These women also want to be the ones to determine how often that good should be done for their family members. You able women?

Some women control their husbands to the extent that they even convince them not to let the children they have by other women to live with them or to support them. Women! They like to use men. They enjoying using men. They eat using men like kanyan.

I usually wonder about the whole thing. Why do men usually, if not always, allow themselves to be used by women? Are they cursed? Are they stupid? Or are they just usable creatures created by God, created for women, that is?

If I die and come back – if reincarnation is true – I will be a woman. Why? I would like to use these stupid creatures called “man.” Silly creatures! They, generally speaking, are real boh-nuah, nunu creatures created to be used by women. It’s sad.

I went to a bar a few days ago. In it were all sorts of people who were either conversing, drinking, dancing or eating something. On the far left of the room were two boys sitting with their girlfriends. They had walked a dusty road from their community and gone to the bar. Guess what? Each of the girls had her legs on the lap of her boyfriend. The girls lay back in their chairs and were resting their dirty feet on those stupid boys. They didn’t care whether the girls’ dirty feet would dirty their trousers. Can you imagine? Women really enjoy using men. and men are stupid, too.

I saw the same thing happen in a home I visited last week. The woman and her boyfriend were sitting in their living room. For some reason, the guy decided to rest his left leg on his girlfriend’s thigh. It seemed the god of wisdom had inspired him somehow. I thought he was the smartest of the stupid creatures called “man.”

But it was not even five seconds when the girl screamed, “Eh, Jackson, your leg is too heavy-o. Please put it down.”

Understandably, the guy removed his leg and repositioned himself. As he was bringing his leg down, the girl was putting her two feet on his thigh. After doing that, she lay back relaxingly in the huge living room chair they were sitting on. I had expected the guy to push her legs away, too.

Instead of telling the girl “Get your legs off my thigh,” he started playing with the girl’s legs and cuddling her feet and toes as if they were some soft teddy bears.

The girl smiled in a kind of I-will-use-this-other-stupid-man manner and remarked, “I love you, sweet Jackson.” Yes, women like using men. I hissed like an angry snake and went out.

Why should women feel that they are the ones whose feet or legs should be rested on men? Don’t they know that their legs could be heavy or dirty? I don’t know why women find pleasure in using men. And I also don’t understand why men usually allow themselves to be used by these lazy and big-mouth creatures called women? If I died and came back, I would be a woman because I would like to use these stupid creatures called man. Stupid creatures! Usable creatures!

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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