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Enjoyment of Tailors and Pageant Organizers

If I had the resources, including time, I would learn a lot of things in this world. There are too many interesting professions, vocations or activities to pursue or engage in.

Think about the men who organize beauty pageants or who are responsible for the girls who participate in them. In many instances, the girls virtually go naked. They pass here and pass there with their naked and sexy bodies and butt in front of the male organizers just like that.

I am in for that kinda free butt exhibition, even sanctioned by the government, organized for the men behind the show to see. I have heard that many other things happened behind the scenes.

The male organizers, too, patrol the rooms the girls are in, including the dressing rooms, behaving as if they are there to ensure proper dressing or make up or to put situations under control, when they know very well that they are there to view free butt. I would like to be a beauty pageant organizer.

Many things that would not normally happen between a man and a girl can happen during the organizing activities. A man can just walk to a participant wearing only a pantie and say, “Please straighten the part of the pantie between your legs.”

And that girl will not go to complain to her boyfriend or husband. It is part of the beauty party set up. I’ve heard that in one other beauty pageant, a few of the male organizers called the girls and told them that they (the males) wanted to press their butt to see whether it would be soft enough for the special panties they had ordered for general practice. Da fi-yah comin’ from my mou’h?

I would definitely like to be one of the organizers of a serious beauty pageant. It is an interesting activity to get involved in.

Another job I would like to do is tailoring. I wouldn’t focus on the actual sewing, but on taking measurements. I would specialize in measuring my customers. From what I have observed tailors do when they are taking the measurements of their woman customers, there is no way that I will not be happy to be a tailor.

Just last week, I went to a tailor shop to have one of my old shirts sewed. There in the tailor shop I saw a guy taking a woman’s measurement. Oh, my God! I almost registered myself in a tailoring school the same day.

The guy looked at the beautiful woman, well-dressed, and said, “Please come here let me take your measurement.”

Without complaining, the good-looking woman went close to the guy. He took the tape line and placed it on the woman’s huge breasts, pressing them just like that. She didn’t complain.  I swallowed spit and opened my eyes wider to understand what was happening. Tailoring da good job-o, my people.

Before I could bat my eyes, he placed one end of the line on the woman’s left breast, pressing it gently like no one’s business, and moved the middle part to her navel, his hand still holding her left breast. I swear, I want to be a tailor.

Then he took the tape line from the woman’s frisky breasts and placed it around her butt and moved it so and so for a few seconds, with the line still around her butt. Then he asked, “You want your butt to be free in it?”

I almost screamed, “Wheh kinda dry-face man here-o?”

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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