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Enlarge Heart Patient Seeks Help

Thirty-nine- year old -Albert Bestman, who has been battling an enlarge heart disease for years, is seeking help for treatment. Mr. Bestman is of the strongest conviction that humanitarians, doctors, charity groups, Government, as well as private citizens and residents rescue him from this ailment.

He was diagnosed of enlarge heart since 2005. Though Mr. Bestman did not say which hospital diagnosed his case, he indicated that he had sometimes taken treatment at the government-run John F. Kennedy and Redemption Hospitals at the time his late aunt – Lucy K. Bestman, was alive and helping to pay for his medication.

But he said since her death in March 2009, his situation became worse “because nobody” has been helping him to assist him with funds for his medicine. He complained of low blood as a result of the illness, but said, at times, he takes the risk of doing private security work that would most often break him down to sit home for for six months after providing just one month service.

He told the NewDawn newspaper over the weekend that after every two weeks, he is required to purchase his medication at the cost of US$35.00 -something he cannot afford. Bestman said he can be contacted on 0777741185 or at his River View residence behind the Dominion Christian Fellowship Church in Clara Town, Bushrod Island.

According to him, he was compelled to sent his wife and three children away to his sister-in-law, because he does not have the means of sustaining the home when they are around him.  “I send them away because when they are around me how theywill survive? … Nobody can come to my help,” Albert said, pleading for anyone to come to his rescue.

“I could be the medicines that I’m using on my sickness which cost US$35 every two weeks which I’m not able to afford, or anything that anyone hasit could be a doctor come [and] let me do your work at a renowed hospital,” he pleaded. 

He noted that he has been surviving on tablets because he cannot afford the cost of undergoing operation.

By Winston W. Parley-Edited by George Barpeen

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