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“Enough Is Enough”

The political leader of the All Liberian Party or ALP businessman Benoni Urey says he has reached the red line with the Sirleaf administration, stressing ‘enough is enough!’ In a statement posted on his Facebook page following closure of his private radio station – Radio LIB by the government, Mr. Urey said Liberians have exercised patience over the years in protecting the nation’s young democracy, but the Sirleaf’s government is greatly taking advantage of such patience.

“But let me say this. I, Benoni Urey, say enough is enough. We have been patient; we have played our part in ensuring that there is peace and stability in Liberia. We will do everything within the confines of the law to ensure that our constitutional rights are protected. We will resist any draconian attempt by this government to further muzzle the free press in the hope of advancing their 2017 political agenda,” Urey said in the statement posted over the weekend following the closure of his “LIB 24 FM station on 10th Street in Sinkor, Monrovia.

He pointed out that instead of the national security apparatus working to curb the alarming rate of armed robbery in the country, which has become a nightmare for citizens, they spent their time at a meeting Saturday to plot how to crackdown on freedom of speech.

“Yet again, today, the government shut down my radio station, LIB24 FM, under heavy ERU police and NSA presence. We all know that the real reason for the shutdown of both Voice and LIB24 TV & FM is not because of its failure to comply with requirements, but because of our critical stance against the government on National issues. This attack brings back fresh memories of our previous elections. In 2011, when I openly supported CDC in the presidential elections and allowed my institution to be a voice of the opposition, the same station was bombed by pro-government agents. Here we are again, one year before elections, and the government has started their attacks on me again,” the ALP political leader lamented.

He then called on all Liberians to condemn the government’s actions on grounds that it does not offer well for the country, especially ahead of crucial elections that will determine the future of the country for the next six years.

Over the weekend, the Liberian government through the Liberia Revenue Authority with supports from the Emergency Response Unit of the Liberia National Police shutdown the radio station for alleged tax invasion.

Two months ago the authorities similarly through the court shut down Voice 102.7 FM, also sympathetic to Mr. Urey, on grounds of illegality.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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