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EPA Trains Journalists

The Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia or (EPA) has embarked on the training of local journalists here in a bid to diversify their focus from political reporting.

Speaking Wednesday January 21, 2015 at the opening of the three days training workshop for local journalists in the port city of Grand Bassa, EPA Coordinator for multilateral agreements on Climate Change and Enabling Activities Mr. Benjamin Karmoh said Liberia is currently facing  environmental issues that need to be address urgently so as to save the state from pending natural disasters.

Mr. Karmoh said the three days training workshop is intended to build the capacity of Liberian journalists who have developed interest in communication as their profession. He said “we noticed that many of the journalists don’t report on issues that are essential to the well being of citizens living in the country,” something which he describes as  unbalance reporting”.

The EPA Coordinator further expressed his disappointment over the blind eye being play by media executive on environmental issues in the country.

He said the idea of reporting on environmental issues is to informed the general public about the living condition of citizens in the country, adding that journalists focus should not be limited to political speeches delivered by politician..

According to the EPA Executive, most often the environmental stories that are reported from Liberia are done by foreign journalists. He said this has been so because local journalists have failed to develop interest in environments issues.

He also attributed the lack of interest shown by local journalists on environmental issues to the lack of training on the issues. He believes that if local journalists are trained and well equipped they can better report their own stories instead of foreign journalist.

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He further narrated that environmental reporting in every developed country help citizens to know much about their various constituents and other parts of the country. He said Liberia done deserved to have foreign journalists coming to report on their own soil.

By Lewis S. Teh 

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