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Equatorial Oil Palm, Locals In Confusion

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The Equatorial Oil Palm Company and the residents of Fofana Hill Community in Shanpay, Sanquin Statutory District, Sinoe County are locked in a serious confusion over reported plan by the company to affect mass demolition of private homes for the construction of staff quarters.

Over 10,000 residents of the community are expected to be made homeless by the company, which is said to be in readiness for the construction of its staff quarters, but this is being rejected by the residents. Equatorial Oil Palm Field Officer, Evan Brewer, told this paper in the area that those to be affected will receive US$100 per family head as transportation or resettlement fees.

He promised that the company will from any moment begin the demolition exercise in the Fofana Hill Community. But residents of the community are calling on both the company and government to halt such plan until the pending elections to enable them cast their ballots.

They said if their appeal is not heeded, they will either go on the rampage or abstain from both the 23 August referendum and the general elections. However, an aspirant of District # 3 in Sinoe, Weagba Seeboe, has described the decision of the company as unhealthy and embarrassing. He said the situation will directly deny eligible voters in the community opportunity to cast their votes.

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