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Establish Regulations against Truck Pollution

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Our society is becoming plagued by smoggy skies. Smog from trucks and other vehicles are dangerous to our health. The smog emanating from this truck burned the eyes of many persons and also caused and stirred up coughing in others.  Now, this is just one of many worn out vehicles that produce dangerous smog plying our streets.

Heavy-duty trucks that cart fuel and other flammable items, logs, and other goods are the leading cause of diesel pollution in our environment.  If regulations are put in place, it may help reduce ozone-eating nitrogen oxides and soot-forming particulate matter that can become embedded in lung tissue.

The government therefore needs to establish regulations against trucks, trailers and other vehicles that blatantly pollute our environment. For vehicles that are completely worn out, like the truck in this photo plying the street of Monrovia recently, they must be stopped from operation until they are repaired, or refurbished.

Though a tough regulation may cause a few trucks to stop operating, it is better to be on the safe side, and also curtail constant traffic jams that are mostly a result of worn out vehicles that break down in the middle of our streets.

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