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Estella Brumskine lifts women’s hope

The wife of the Standard Bearer of the Liberty Party, (LP) Mrs. Estella Brumskin says if her husband is elected President, she would complement his efforts by working with women across the country to advance programs to address education for children, extra-curriculum activities to keep them off the street after school, including reading exercises.

Speaking on Wednesday, 4 October during a live radio talk show she notes that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as a female president did a great job, but there are still a lot to be done for women.

Madam Brumskine names education, health and running water, among others as some basic needs a LP-led government would prioritize.

She says the government under Cllr. Charles Brumskine and Harrison Karnwea will protect all citizens’ interest, and nobody will be left behind.

“Regardless who you are, where you were born or your religious background, all should benefit from the country’s resources”, she stresses.

The first lady to-be notes that a LP-led government will be more concern about children selling in the streets, and wants to enroll them in school, because they are Liberia’s future leaders.

According to her, for the past 40 years she and her husband have been helping people, providing scholarship to many youths. Commenting on Tuesday’s polls, she says things will be different this time around regarding the party’s performance unlike results of the past two elections on grounds that the Liberian people are tired and need change.

She further vows that under her husband’s leadership, there will be no practice of nepotism, adding that her children are all lawyers and they don’t have any intention of working in his government, if he wins.

Mrs. Brumskine explains that for the past time she has been a backbencher, but has taken the front stage because she has seen the needs of Liberians, and would want to help if her husband is elected the next President of Liberia.

By Samuel P. Kamara-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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