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EU Envoy recognizes GOL efforts on FGM

By Jonathan Browne

The Head of Delegation of the European Union (EU) in Liberia, Ambassador Laurent Delahousse, acknowledges efforts of the Government of Liberia in combating female genital mutilation, noting that every lost day is a broken life for many little girls in Liberia.

Speaking over the weekend in Monrovia during celebrations of International Human Rights Day, Ambassador Delahousse said Human Rights are not a given, rather,  they must be defended and promoted, every day, every year, and everywhere.

He says they are universal and they apply the same everywhere, from the local community to the global community, adding they belong to every human, they are consubstantial to the birth of every new baby wherever in the world, Liberia, Europe, America, or China.

The EU Envoy continues that the title of this year‘s celebration, “Reducing inequalities, advancing Human Rights”,  is a reminder that Human Rights are not second to development, that their promotion cannot wait for the improvement of people’s lives, that development and respect of Human Rights go together.

He discloses that the EU adopted last year a new Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime and for the first time this year it has adopted sanctions on persons and entities from China, North Korea, Libya, South Sudan, Eritrea, and Russia involved in serious Human Rights violations and abuses.

According to Ambassador Delahousse, Human Rights are worth fighting for and their defense and promotion inspire the action of the European Union.

However, he says denouncing and sanctioning perpetrators of Human Rights violations, be they States, organizations, political parties, or individuals, is only a part of the European Union’s global action, at home and abroad.

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Meanwhile, the EU has also further expanded concrete support to civil society organizations and Human Rights defenders to advance Human Rights and Democracy worldwide, with a special fund of 1.8 billion US dollars for the coming period 2021 to 2027, reaffirming its role as world leader in this field.

At the same time, Ambassador Delahousse agrees with and assures the Government and people of Liberia that respect for Human Rights and Democracy are the best system of government to improve people’s lives and to ensure no one is left behind, saying “Democracy and Human Rights work, those who tell you otherwise are wrong because ultimately humans want freedom and a say in their government.”

The observance of International Human Rights Day was held at the Monrovia City Hall in Monrovia on Friday, 10 December 2021, a gathering that Ambassador Delahousse describes as “probably the most important celebration of the year.”https://thenewdawnliberia.com/eu-ambassador-no-free-current-no-seh-pay-for-current/

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