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EU hands over equipment to Monrovia, Paynesville cities

The European Union Delegation in Liberia hands over several pieces of equipment, including five mini-tipper trucks and a landfill bulldozer to the City Corporations of Monrovia and Paynesville under the Cheesemanburg Landfill Urban Sanitation project.
Making the formal presentation, the EU Head of Cooperation here TheodorusKaspers recounts that between November 20018 and now, the CLUS project has handed over eight (8) large tipper trucks, three (3) Front-End-Loaders, four ( 4) Toyota Hilux Pick-Ups, Six (6) Tricycles, five (5) skip trucks, and Four (4) Motorbikes toward improving solid waste collection and disposal in Greater Monrovia.

“I am confident that with this equipment and the additional support the project provides, both cities should now be able to manage the waste flows in Monrovia and Paynesville sustainability, effectively and in a timely manner”, Mr. Kaspers says and notes that the Government of Liberia will fund the running costs of the equipment to ensure the cities are clean in a tripartite cooperation.

Mr. Kaspers: “I am confident that the city governments understand the value of the equipment we hand over today. Our aim is not only to reduce the rental costs but even more importantly to make the cities own the waste management.”

He discloses that the EU contributes a total of 60 million euro (approximately 67million US dollar) to the Liberia Reconstruction Trust Fund, saying, “This money has been used by the World Bank to construct roads and build the necessary infrastructure for waste management including the landfill in Whein Town and the foreseen landfill in Cheesemanburg.”

According to the EU Head of Cooperation, in the past months, Paynesville and Monrovia cities have also been strongly engaged in the EU-funded Waste-to-Energy project and supported Cities Alliance in identifying the locations for 10 pilot biogas units at household level. “Although a lot remains to be done, I see that both cities are striving to better manage the waste and create a cleaner living environment. The EU stands firmly behind you in this endeavour.”
Small enterprises in Monrovia and Paynesville have experimented with recycling, composting and other revalorisation efforts, but have failed to become economically viable and environmentally sustainable, according to Mr. Kaspers.

He encourages the cities of Liberia in conjunction with the Government of Liberia to create an enabling environment for the private sector to step in and take over waste management and to work closely with relevant government agencies to ensure that highest possible environmental standards are enforced.“I further wish to see them make use of the EU’s additional support to recycling and composting initiatives in the city of Paynesville and Monrovia through a climate change resilient solid waste management implemented by Cities Alliance”, he adds.

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