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EU in court for over US$500 theft

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Prosecutors in Monrovia have levied multiple charges against some five suspects for alleged fuel oil theft amounting to US$569.25. This followed a complaint filed by the European Union Delegation to Liberia through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A court document names defendants Jerry Kpoklah, Francis Ndebeh, George Flomo and Tom Yarkpazuo and Winston, as suspects in the alleged commission of criminal facilitation, criminal conspiracy and theft of property.

Defendant Kpoklah alleged that the fuel oil theft was organized and carried out with the knowledge of co-defendants Francis Ndebeh (Trust Guard Service Inc,) George Flomo (Apex Security Service Guard), Tom Yarkpazuo (Insecom Security Guard Service) and Winston (Insecom Security Guard Service, to be identified).

Four of the defendants, except Insecom security guard only identified as Winston, were arrested on July 16, following an initial meeting requested by the EU delegation with the Mission’s security supplier on July 6 at the Delegation’s office concerning the alleged theft, a court document shows.

Referencing the EU Delegation’s statement, the court document says the accused personnel of the cleaning service supplier defendant Jerry Kpoklah accepted to have been caught with the stolen containers of fuel, and made an alleged open apology for the fuel theft.

It was at his open apology that defendant Kpoklah allegedly confessed that it was an organized theft involving few personnel of the security service supplier, and the syndicate had been going on even before the case in question was unearthed.

The EU delegation therefore demanded thorough investigation into the situation to prevent future occurrence, according to the charge sheet. Defendant Kpoklah, who is said to be a personnel of Cola Sports Pro Cleaners and assigned at the EU Delegation office, allegedly admitted his involvement into the fuel oil theft within the Delegation’s premises on Thursday, July 2.

At the Delegation’s Mamba Point premises, defendant Kpoklah allegedly linked Trust Guard Security personnel co-defendant Francis V. Ndebehto the crime, alleging that he and Ndebeh can take the fuel oil from the Delegation’s fuel tank through a tube that is connected to the Delegation’s generator that is not functioning.

He claims that they pump the fuel in the containers which were brought by co-defendant George Flomo of Apex Security Service, who was to buy the stolen fuel. But co-defendant Ndebeh denied the claims by his colleague Kpoklah, though co-defendant George Flomo allegedly admitted to claims by defendant Kpoklah.

For his part, defendant Yarkpazuo had initially denied his involvement in the fuel theft, but later admitted when his colleagues Ndebeh, Kpoklah and Flomo who linked him and Winston, confronted him, the charge sheet says. By Winston W. Parley – Editing by Jonathan Browne

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