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EU, Liberia pledge to remain constructively engaged

The European Union and Liberia have pledged to remain constructively engaged in strengthening their partnership and to continuously cooperate to address issues of common concern in a frank and open manner.

A Joint Press Communique on the 7th Edition of the Liberia-EU Political Dialogue issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Monrovia says both sides also agreed to work together for the good of the Liberian people.

On the sessions bordering on Liberian Official Passports as well as issues surrounding Schengen visas, the Government of Liberia has expressed concern over the lack of recognition of Liberian official passports, issued in addition to diplomatic and service passports, by some EU Member States and asked Member States for clarification.

In response, the EU Delegation encouraged the Government of Liberia to recirculate specimen of the various categories of passports among EU Member States.

Meanwhile, during the second session of the EU-Liberia dialogue, Liberia called on the EU to consider the issuance of Schengen visa in Liberia, as it would alleviate difficulties confronted by Liberians wanting to travel to Europe something, the EU has agreed and confirmed that Schengen visas would be shortly delivered in Monrovia.

The EU-Liberia Political Dialogue will take stock of progress in the areas addressed in previous dialogues and discuss new issues twice a year, with the 8th EU-Liberia Political Dialogue coming up in November 2019, according to the Foreign Ministry. Joint Press Communique

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