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Special Feature

Eulogizing the remarkable revolutionary journey of Dr. Henry Boimah Fahnbulleh, Jr.

We have searched, as well as studied and struggled for the objective conditions of our people and the achievement of an egalitarian society. We have always wanted a better Liberia, where Liberians will live irrespective of their tribe, culture, race, tradition, and creed or political affiliation. We went to the houses of the grandeur political politicos including those who are in the status quo yet we couldn’t get the empirical answer we wanted to march in the people’s struggle. Nonetheless, we remain with the facts to ascertain our acceptance with Dr. H Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr…
It then became clear that the oldest generation never only hated Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh and the progressive struggle but also to the reality that destiny has ordained certain characters and no matter what they would arrive at the stage of the liberators of the masses of the people. We have witnessed the mass of our people suffered from the pangs of poverty and frustration owing to the people they elected during elections and nonetheless blame politicians for their action and inaction. They blamed activists and people like our leader and teacher HB for their deed and indecision, nevertheless they forgot to note their actions constituted the leaders and the followers. Despite the soft conjunctive gerund proficiency that history has abrogated obligations unto men to struggle or kowtow in progress or in failure, HB had chosen the latter.

Today, we stand in defense not only of our leader and teacher, H. BoimaFahnbulleh Jr., but all progressive forces who struggled for an equal society, equal rights and quality of treatment of all men. When we first met Dr. H. BoimaFahnbulleh as ordinary University amateurs, we thought he was the greatest of all evils in the Liberian society having been told by our parents that they (progressives) were the cause of the destruction and mayhem of yesteryears. We were informed by generational renegades that Dr. BoimaFahnbulleh and the leaders of the rice riot caused the problems of Liberia today, but quietly they refused to allude to the unraveled facts that we as revolutionaries must never condemn the actions of history without investigation, instead we must accept and confront the contradictions that followed historical occurrence. We accepted those teachings and lived by them conscientiously in so far they came from our nipple strands despite we were baffled by provision of information without facts. Yet we believed struggling against the position of paternal hegemony was a taboo to the plebeians of our community. We approved and pontificated that the Progressives were never wrong in changing the wheel of democracy of our country to allow us participate fully and freely.
Fanon thought us that “Every generation has a relative obscurity, to fulfilled its mission or to betrayed it”. So it’s the same as Dr. H. BoimaFahnbulleh and the Progressives taught us either to fulfillour mission or betray it. We have chosen the former because our leaders HB and his likes fulfilled their mission and we are now inspired to guide and protect the democracy of our forbearers.
The mission of the Progressives was multi-party democracy. They wanted a state where people will participate in the decision making process of their country without being tasked to pay hut task. They struggled for a state where people will have the right to vote irrespective of the binomial nomenclature. HB and the blissful Progressives struggled for a Liberia where everyone would have access to education regardless of their tribe, religion or cultural abrogation. Their struggle was for the dignity and respect of all man regardless of creed, religion or tribe. They struggled in the context of the issues that confronted their generation and if these vices were to rise again, we are sure that our leader and teacher Dr. H. BoimaFahnbulleh will confront them with the same vigor and courage as in 1979.

HB as he is affectionately called by his cadres and militants has always been at the barricades. He has never traded his love for the motherland and the dignity of the people for self-glorification and national approval and will never adopt this form of insanity only to be exalted.

Today, we celebrate the life of this great patriot not only because of the role he has played in transforming us from mere humans to revolutionaries but also from scholars to change makers. We have not only read his articles but also received his teachings of dialectics and pedagogy. Since our maiden interaction with this great patriot was the denouement in our political journey to place the nation and people over the self. He had taught us not only to struggle and fight for the excursion of society but also for the liberation of our minds. In his words that we remembered fondly, he said “any education that is not place at the service of the masses is useless”. Now more than ever before, we affirmed this statement as a way of life for all students and cadres rising through the ranks and steps of national transformation.
In sensitive uniformity with Dr. Fahnbulleh, we hold this to be self-evident that any education not use to change the narrative of society and the people is non-quintessential to the graduation of society as such education is the end and means of the liberation of the people from poverty, backwardness and neocolonialism.
Born in a wealthy and well to do family, many didn’t expect Dr. Fahnbulleh Jr., to take the path he journeyed to struggle for the inclusion of the native who were excluded from the decision making process of Liberia. With his mother being an educationalist and his father an ambassador to East Africa, as well as his entire family members were servants of the ruling class, HB courage to commit ‘Class suicide’ to struggle on the side of the people amidst his link to the regime and rejection of the opportunity to amass wealth at the pity of the masses makes him a monarch for all social democrat revolutionaries in Liberia. For a young man with terminal PhD with beautiful wife, and from an elite family to abandoned his heritage and struggled for social justice, civil liberties, people’s participation and academic freedom is unprecedented in the Liberian history thus Dr. H. BoimaFahnbulleh remains an insignia of struggle and liberation in Liberia. In spite of all our searches we have found Dr. H. BoimaFahnbulleh Jr. as our true leader and pathfinder.
For as far as your conscious drive to societal transformation remains unabated, historical materialistic reflections of yesteryears which have served cue for posterity parroted Dr. HB as a selfless and dedicated revolutionary paradigm to act the course of history. Unarguably, there’s a very critical few of our gullible generation who sees merit as the sincerest tool to morally fulfill the prophecy of man’s indebtedness to transform his understanding and society. We have held sacred those deep Hegelian dialectics in the perspectives of the Liberian cliquish struggles, moral and spiritual decadence, wide scale violence, economic hardships, complacency, stunned poverty, people’s conflicts, buckled education system, sterilized-ideology network, paralyzed health system, vilified cultural configuration, gullible youths, unprepared menfolk, and the monstrous intransigent, capitalism.

Bitterly in memory of the distraction of a college kid from the dormitory of conscious digest of the Marxist-Leninists’ thoughts to transform society; rising above a system which greeted freedom of thoughts and expressions with hostilities and incriminations; growing beyond the barricades of comfort and security to caress discomfort and fundamental hardships in an overwhelmingly unconscious society, just if the objective conditions demanded; shielding a novice-tyrant as a conscious revolutionary technique to subduing a hoodlum to the path of progressiveness after crushing the obscene Whigs of one-half a century of imperial dominance, though tyrants will always be tyrants; maneuvering and directing the intellectual discourse of Liberia for a whole generation (more than four decades) so that the reasonable minds would choose to select and create its own society; and consequently HB remains a revolutionary and statesman par excellence.

Throughout this icon conscious ride on his remarkable revolutionary journey, the parochial conspiracy of the True Whig Oligarchy which had been long critical to silence an eloquent legal mind (HB Snr.) from the diplomatic boardrooms of national ideas simply for insinuating the market of socialism in the Liberian context not knowing that the demise of the oligarchy would have sprang from feckless alliance with socialist- centered eastern bloc and making a position statement against the capitalists interest. In essence your dialectics are far touching and edifying and has gladdened the inner most fabric of almost all emerging Liberian Neoprogressives. If the neoprogressives are to stay safe and embark on a similar remarkable revolutionary journey, your disciplines of selflessness and perseverance shall certainly serve as our memory chip to living the model life of the revolutionary father of Africa’s Intelligentsia Class, Dr. HB. Your prediction of the incompetent democrat baited as a gambit pawn by desperate charlatans to unleash their Faustian agenda has scored as a material allusion to the contemporary conspiracy concocted toward the doomed of our motherland. No matter how tense the contradictions exist, you have taught us to build thicker skins and keep resilience in the struggle for social justice, and so we have taken on the onerous duty to confront the contradictions in any form and manner they exists. To hold these ideas sacrosanct for the judgment of posterity, you have edified our generation to take huge investment in education, for it is education that can transform any stagnant society.

Finally, if we as society must tossed radiance on a remarkable crusader par excellence, if man’s rewards given by society must reflects brilliantly cheerful beyond the blur canopies of bigotry and immaterialism, and if we are to validate man’s journey from the corridors of growth to valleys of development, we are inevitably certain that the remarkable revolutionary turned reservoir of consciousness will be posted as a glowing beacon of the Liberian consciousness.

Keep fighting for social justice, PROGRESSIVE MASTER BOIMA!
July 16, 2019
By: Daniel T. Bestman& Mustapha N. Kanneh (Ataturk)

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