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Ex-GAC staff contests media report

A former executive director for audit at the General Auditing Commission or GAC, Richard A. Wisseh, has refuted media report linking him to compromise of audits conducted for the Liberia Maritime Authority in 2011 for alleged US$150,000 kickback.

A local daily Corruption Watch, reported Wednesday, 28 October that in 2011 Mr. Wisseh headed an audit team from the GAC that audited the Liberia Maritime Authority, but allegedly received US$150,000 and killed the audit report on the LMA.

However, Wisseh walked into the offices of The NewDawn Wednesday and challenged the report by the paper, saying “If you checked the records, all the audits that were conducted by John Morlu were supervised by me and I will not allow anyone to tarnish my good future.”

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He clarified that the audit in question was commissioned by ex-Auditor-General Robert Kilby, but while in the process of completing the audit, Kilby dismissed him along with 40 others in a downsizing exercise, and not on the basis of alleged compromise.

He gave the paper 72hrs to produce evidence, linking him to alleged compromise of audit report on the LMA, and called on its publisher to publish whatever evidence he has in his possession against him. “I want him to produce the receipt or any evidence that I compromised audit report while serving at the GAC”, Wisseh challenged.

“His action is devilish and I am not going to take it lightly as I am now consulting my lawyers; if he failed to produce evidence, lawsuit awaits him.”  According to him, during the administration of ex-Auditor General John Morlu and Acting Auditor Winsley Nyanke, more than 100 audit reports were produced and none of them were compromised.

-By Jonathan Browne

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