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Ex-minister supports VP Boakai

Former Internal Affairs Minister Morris Dukuly has broken silence for almost nine months since he was sacked by the President of Liberia. Addressing a news conference on Monday, June 27, 2016 at the YMCA Conference Hall on crown Hill in Monrovia, Mr. Dukuly said in was breaking his silence because Liberia was moving towards the most important watershed elections of its democratic history.

According to the former Internal Affairs Minister, the National Elections Commission was moving forward with the programs for the 2017 House of Representatives election, saying on the basis of NEC’s publications, there were approximately 23 registered political parties.

He said it was a safe bet to assume that many of these parties will likely individually or in collaboration with other parties, participate in the first round of the elections. “I pride myself as a democrat and therefore, support many political parties and their associated many voices. The many voices enrich our democracy if they are reasoned and responsible and designed to articulate ideologies and agenda that are distinguishable;

unfortunately, among our political parties, the one characteristic that distinguishes them is the varying degree of their determination to ascend to state power. Because of the determined pursuit of political power, we now see deliberate attempts to misinform, mislead and fool our people with promises of neo-nirvana here in Liberia,” Mr. Dukuly indicated.

“Based on this, I have decided to act. That is why I have called this press conference. Having carefully, critically and thoroughly examined the current presidential field, I have reached the conclusion that our people must wake up and shine their eyes. We must select the one man who will keep our country safe, secure, peaceful, stable and prosperous. The 2017 Representative and Presidential elections are not play-play elections,” he said, saying “If we conduct the elections peacefully and fairly and elect the success to President Sirleaf, the world will say: yes, Liberia has now transitioned to a post conflict democracy.

For me, I have found the candidate who will deliver the type of leadership I have described here this morning. That Candidate is His Excellency, Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai. This morning, I here and now announce my endorsement of Vice President Boakai as my candidate for election to the Presidency of Liberia to succeed President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. I will work to support his election, and I call on all of my former colleagues in local government administration throughout our 15 counties, my family, relatives and my friends – both at home and abroad, to join me to support Vice President Boakai”.

According to him, the elections alone will not make the world to call Liberia a post conflict democracy, emphasizing that it is the way the new President and his government will administer the affairs of this country.

“And this will focus on the socio-economic programs and transformation that they will bring; the civil liberties that we will enjoy just like we are now enjoying them; the freedoms, including press freedom and free speech, that we now enjoy and will continue to enjoy under the new administration; the infrastructural development that will continue to be advanced; improvements in the education of our children, and the

development of our health and agriculture sectors,” he said warning against the election of what he referred to as a strong man politician. He noted that from the country’s history, any strong man leadership may again take it back to its very dark past.

“I again call on you – my fellow citizens, not to be moved by promises that will not be met or by glib oratory, because some people are good at delivering powerful speeches, but weak in providing strong, people-centered and selfless leadership.

“If I had convinced myself that Vice President Boakai was not right and good for Liberia post the Johnson Sirleaf Administration, I would not been here making this declaration of endorsement. So, it is not because of political party affiliation; it is not because of  friendship, it is because by all measures and Standards, Joseph Nyuma Boakai is best qualified to be the next president of Liberia; Vice President Boakai will be an excellent president who will keep our peace; keep us safety; keep us stable, and keep us prosperous and united.

By Lewis S. Teh

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