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Ex-NPFL general embraces peace

An Ex-notorious general of the disbanded National Patriotic Front of Liberia or NPFL Bob Kofi Zah has embraced peace in Liberia, saying after war, peace is the surest way to proceed.

General Zah, who was widely fear for his reported mystical powers that could enable him disappear from his enemies by transforming into just about anything in the forest, including trees during the Liberian Civil War, has called on ex-fighters from former rival warring factions, including the defunct NPFL to join him in sustaining the current peace in the country.

“I regret my participation in the 14years of civil conflict that killed our citizens and left many others traumatized and vulnerable,” he lamented in an interview with this paper after the recent Kukatunon peace festival held in Monrovia.

According to him, war is not good, and recounted the loss of fellow compatriots’ lives, including women and children as well as destruction of towns and villages, roads and bridges, among others.

According to the ex-general, he regretted the minute and hour he joined the 14 years brutal conflict, but noted that after hostility, there should be room for reconciliation and family reunion in order to erase all bad feelings being harbored against one another.Currently Paramount Chief in his home county, River Cess, where he was based and commended rebel troops during the civil war, Kofi also heads the River Cess County branch of the Council of Chiefs and Elders of Liberia, a portfolio he describes as progress in his life.

Speaking of himself, General Zah narrated that he enlisted into the disbanded Armed Forces of Liberia at age 22, but later defected to the NPFL rebels led by former President Charles Ghankay Taylor, noting that the war years have consumed his entire life, as he is no 50.

“There is no more war again; even you can be a big warrior, such attitude should now be thrown behind you and entertain peace” he urged. He lauded Liberia’s Cultural Ambassador Julie Endee for her commitment and tireless effort in organizing the peace festival and inviting all 15 counties to participate.

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The ex-rebel general said after the civil crisis, his people from River Cess called him to serve them because they love him, something, which he said is a mark of unity.

By Zee Roberts-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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