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“EX Police Officer Life Under Threat”

--Neighbors Alarm

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A Former officer of the Liberia National Police retired Major Martha K. Faryen is said be under threat, the retired officer who is currently residing in the united states of America for fear that some unknown individuals are after her life.

According to the neighbors name withheld who told this paper yesterday January 7, 2020, says the retired officer is a resident of new kru town community electoral district 16 on the Bushord Island, where the Ex-soldiers went to kill her, because of her refusal to issue them police clearance while serving in the police, denying them the opportunity to leave Liberia.

Our source explain saying she was working in the record, and documentation section a department within the police, where the Ex-soldiers had criminal record that include murder, Rape, Harassment and other heinous crime committed during the country civil war.

According to her neighbors the Ex-soldiers wanted to travel out of Liberia with such record, saying now withstanding some of them are still working within the current security sector of the country, the source says there are series of attempts to kill Ms. Faryen, noting that the latest attempt was on October 1 2019, where they went at the residence of the former officer and burn down her house with the thought that she was still living there.

When they came that night I wasn’t sleeping after they burn down the house we manage to get in contact with the police, but the only thing we heard from was since she had refuse to issue them the police clearance she and her family will suffer and regret it. Says the neighbors.

Our source went on to say up to present, there has been no arrest made by state security, while her children, and other relatives pled to unknown destinations, and they are yet to trace, the source added that prior to the departure of Ms. Faryen she had escape death from the hands of unknown individuals who several times to take away her life.

The source said the former major lost her husband and some of her children during the civil war in Liberia, when question via mobile about her return to Liberia she said returning to Liberia was a fearful task in her life, with such a terrible situation, imaging my children and grandchildren were in that house that got burn I am still finding it hard to locate them.

According to the neighbors said the EX soldiers took three hundred united states dollars from the children before burning the house, the neighbors further went on to say Ms. Faryen children, and grandchildren came the neighboring ivory coast in September and were residing in the house on the bushord island until last year October 1 2019, when the incident took place at her house.

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