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Ex. Sen. Ballout: CPP errs in handling Cummings over to government

By Lincoln G. Peters

Former Maryland County Senator John Ballout says the four Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has made the worst, serious and almost irreparable and irrevocable error by turning over one of its leaders Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, to the Government of Liberia to face criminal investigation and trial regarding the CPP’s framework document that had been a sticky issue amongst leaders of the Collaboration.

“The biggest mistake the CPP made besides the Liberty Party is turning over Cummings to the Government of Liberia for prosecution and investigation. Taking this man to court is stabbing the CPP in the back, because what level of difference that you might have had that you can’t talk inside. You see, brother and sister, including an entire family, can fight in the house but to see them outside with it, it’s difficult, there is a limit for everything, therefore, they should understand that and put their house in order”, Mr.  Ballout explained in an exclusive interview with this paper during the weekend.

He says people should stop sending the message that Mr. Benoni Urey, political leader of the All Liberian Party is the root cause of everything happening in the CPP, but rather, the entire CPP should be blamed because they committed irrevocable and irreparable errors by taking Cummings to court.

“I am not talking about Urey alone, but the CPP in totality as a mature party of mature people has committed an almost irrevocable error. If they can solve it, fine but it’s the worst error that they will stab themselves in the back.  Before going to court, I’m sure that they had discussions in-house. Cummings, Urey, Boakia and Nyounblee Kangar-Lawrence: they should have resolved this matter then or find another way to have it resolved”, he says.

He notes that already, the government has been looking for ways and opportunities to win the 2023 Presidential election, and the CPP has brought the worst public relations against itself by self-destructing.

He points that the CPP presented Cummings to the government on  a silver platter for the authority to do whatever it wants, lamenting  “It’s not a good thing and you have stabbed yourself in the back, it’s never a good thing and it will not be.”

He suggests that the conflicting parties within the CPP invite former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to step in and reconcile the Collaboration, pleading “I hope that the others [will] allow her because she is a member of the CPP by extension.”

Former President Sirleaf is an ex-standard bearer of the Unity Party, a constituent party of the CPP. The UP is now headed by her ex-Vice President, Joseph Nyumah Boakai, who currently heads the CPP.

Mr. Ballout himself, a member of the Unity Party during its 12 years governance of the state says if there is any ways that they can go back in house and undo the things they have done in any way possible, it will be good, adding that sometimes, you just let the past be the past and move forward for a new day because reconciliation in the CPP has the potential to bring victory that will help to move Liberia forward to become a better country.

Speaking at his Manba Point residence in Monrovia over the weekend, the former diplomat adds that assuming Mr. Cummings goes through this disgrace and receives the worst outcome, what happens when Amb. Joseph Boakia goes to run-off during the 2023 election, he will need his ally, Cummings therefore, do you really think Cummings will be in the position to support him, and that even if he agrees because politically he has to look mature, but will his supporters follow him to vote Amb. Boakai or anyone from the CPP, he wonders.

He says the same goes to Cummings too if he wins the CPP primary, assuming against former Vice President Boakai who is now seen as the face of CPP after serving the country as VP for 12 years, do you think he will support Cummings?

“Listen to what I am saying, sometimes when you think you win, you actually lose and sometimes when you think you lose you actually lose. It does have to be an end game for the CPP. Boakai ascending to the presidency of this country at this age, it’s a win for Cummings, hope you understand me because it’s a strategic win for Cummings as Vice President, knowing very well that Boakia will not go for a second term. If all those things can be reconciled, he will be there to ascend depending on how they work together and support each other and move the country forward. Why don’t people see opportunity even in the midst of confusion? That is my own disappointment because I have reached out but none of them listening”, the ex-senator laments.

The CPP is a conglomeration of the Unity Party, Liberty Party, Alternative National Congress and the All Liberian Party, but the ALP pulled out and took the ANC to court for alleged forgery, while the LP is split in the middle with one faction behind Joseph Boakai and the other supporting Cummings.


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