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Exclusive Super Store Rewards Customers

The Exclusive Super Store, after 10 years of operation in Liberia, on Saturday rewarded its value customers through a raffle draw.

The institution awarded five winners from the raffle draw conducted at the Super Store on 19th street in Sinkor. Customers who bought items equivalent to fifty dollars or above, were presented a raffle draw ticket with identification number during the Christmas season.

The Store collected tickets from its branches, and on Saturday, the raffle draw was conducted openly in sinkor. Four lucky winners walked away with 200USD shopping spree vouchers.

The Exclusive Super Store’s final ticket selected from the hundreds of tickets in the roller was picked by LFA vice president for operation Musa Shannon. Moore Kollie was the happiest man on Saturday when Musa Shannon picked his ticket from the rollers, thus making him the winner of the Renault Logan 1.5 MPL car.

He was also given 50 gallons of gas and three years guarantee. Other winners of the 200USD are: Alfred Noah, Dr. Knaka Cano of JFK, and Dr. Williams Brans of UNDP. The ceremony was witnessed by a representative of the Liberia national lottery, zebenesa Wolo.

The general manager of the Exclusive Super Store Mr. M. Sharna, said that the raffle draw is part of his institution’s style. According to him, this is another way of encouraging the customers and create friendly environment between the customers and the institution.

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