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Executive Order No. 74: Executing with Sensitivity

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Just ahead of the New Year, President Sirleaf recently, issued an Executive Order targeting at using trade as an engine of inclusive growth in Liberia.

Executive Order Number 74, according to the Executive Mansion, will also be used as a vehicle to reduce poverty, especially among women, children and the most vulnerable of the Liberian population.

According to the Liberia National Trade Policy,, signed on 10 December 2015 by the Liberian President, the country has developed its Post Accession Plan or PAP 2016- 2017 as a shot to medium-term approach for systematic implementation.

In confirmative with Liberia’s commitments to its World Trade Organization or WTO Membership to be implemented in the Post Accession Plan, coordination of the mplementation process will be done by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, while a number of ministries and agencies with trade-related mandates will take responsibility of implementation. Activities described in the Executive Order will,

likewise, be timely and fully implemented by a number of government ministries, agencies and private institutions, including Finance and Development Planning, Labor, Agriculture, Public Works, Lands, Mines and Energy, as well as the Liberia Revenue Authority, National Bureau of Concession, National Investment Commission and Central Bank of Liberia as mentioned in the LPAP.

The issuance of Executive Order Number 74 is against the backdrop of Liberia’s expected reintegration into the international economy and trading systems after the country’s civil war and Ebola Outbreak devastated/destroyed large parts of its economy.

Liberia’s reintegration into the international economy and trading systems as pursued by the government is an endeavour cannot be over-emphasized. And while the country’s representatives to the just-ended conference of the World Trade Organization in Nairobi, Kenya, including President Sirleaf, must be extolled for imitating and ensuring the entire reintegration process, their efforts will only be meaningful and cherished on the basis of fast-tracking the commitments made to the WTO conference.

Indeed, the recently issued Executive Order Number 74 on Liberia National Trade Policy may seem to be in consonance with timely and fully meeting up with such commitments, but the executers of the Executive Order must also be sincerely sensitive to the interests at all levels of the domestic private sector devoid of the bickering and un-necessary bureaucratic bottom-necks as a direct result of personal/individual interests.

From the perspective of the President as per her remarks at the just-ended WTO confab in Nairobi, Kenya, as well as her action as evidence by Executive Order Number 74, Liberia is actually on course.

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