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Exodus Pub, 50 Others Closed

The Liberian government, through the Civil  Law Court, has shutdown one of Monrovia moat popular entertainment centers, Exodus and  at least 50 others noted to be ‘notorious.’ Exodus and the other drinking spots were closed just before the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The move, strictly implemented by the Justice and Commerce Ministries alongside officials of the Civil Law court, was intended to chastise business entities violating the Commerce Ministry regulations by selling alcoholic beverages to children, couple with the uncontrollable behaviors of people at those centers.

Acting Deputy Minister for Commerce and Industry, Charles Nelson assured that the Liberian government remained robust in defending its citizens against bad hobbits.

He named some of the drinking spots  affected by the exercise as Patience Entertainment Center, Parker Paint, Airfield Road, View Point, 77 Gardnersville, Club 64, New Georgia, Samoa, Anthony Shop as well as New Recreation, among others.   

He told a news conference in Monrovia that the intention of the closure of these entertainment spots was to keep minors off the streets and prevent them from taking alcoholic beverages during the holidays. He noted that the exercise was not only for national holidays, but continuous process.

“if these businesses can change by putting into place regulations, we as a ministry will work with them closely,” Nelson concluded.

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