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Expelled PLP officials defiant

By Kruah Thompson (intern)

Two officials of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) that were expelled from the party Tuesday, August 17, 2021 – the national vice chair for political affairs Daniel B. Sickie and the secretary-general Kansualism Berk Kansauh are insisting here that they’ve done nothing wrong hence, the Political Leader Dr. Denial E. Cassell has no authority anywhere in the PLP’s constitution to single-handedly relieve them of their positions.

The General Policy Commission (GPC) of the newly established PLP Tuesday announced the immediate removal of three of its acting executives; including Acting Chairman Wilmot Paye for their alleged involvement in acts that the party says contravene its norms, bylaws, and constitution.

But speaking to OK FM in Monrovia Wednesday, August 18, 2021, the suspended national vice chair for political affairs Daniel B. Sackie, argued that whenever people are accused the law provides under Chapter Three, Articles 20 of the Constitution of Liberia that they require due process, saying, “It’s  the law that hears before it condemns.”

According to him, Chapter Eight of the Liberian constitution also speaks of political party election, noting that its status is an element and embodiment of the Constitution which justifies that if anyone is to take a decision, there must be a construction of an executive that renders a said decision.

On the back of the situation, he assumes the decision taken by the GPC under the leadership of Dr. Cassell is based on a predictable mind, adding that Dr. Cassell may have been listening to different pieces of advice to the extent that he did what he shouldn’t have done.”  He says the Political Leader may “have been misguided.”

Sackie emphasizes that the only good thing about the situation is “if you form an institution, that institution is no longer yours”, saying whenever people’s rights are violated, there are internal remedies.”

He claims if the internal remedy fails then there must be recourse, calling for a reconciliation of the decisions made by Dr. Cassell.

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Similarly, expelled secretary general Kansualism Berk Kansauh challenges his expulsion, saying it is unconstitutional.

 According to him, articles 5.2.2 and 5.2.5 of the party constitution clearly states how a leader should be removed, and that the constitution provides the authority for the GPC to appoint and remove partisans that occupied any position in the party. “That authority is not invested in any person.”  He says.

He recalls that this is not the first time, pointing out that when two party members were suspended for impropriety and unethical behavior, a committee was set up and it investigated the case for three months.

“Dr. Cassell was very though at the first stage but he saw wisdom and he’s somebody who listens.”

He says he knows Dr. Cassell is not comfortable with what is going on.

Kansauh says if there were rumors that led the Political Leader to have affixed his signature to what he terms “these illegal communications”, it will be resolved, saying, “we are going to find a way where we can resolve them.”

Even the expelled Acting National Chairman Wilmot Paye is challenging his removal from the party, saying he has absolutely done nothing wrong, contrary to the GPC’s justification.

News of the expulsion came as a surprise, for a political party that has not spent a year since it was certificated by the National Elections Commission.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/plp-expels-chairman-paye-and-others/ Editing by Jonathan Browne  

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