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FACE Identifies With Needy Kids – Calls For Help To One Another

“Don’t look down on anyone accept you are ready to bring your hands down and help them up”; these were the exact words of Momolu J. Johnson, Sr., Executive Director of the Foundation for Aiding Children’s Empowerment or FACE for short, when the organization donated assorted items to pupils at a self-help school for indigent children in the Chicken Soup Factory Community, Gardnerville.

Delivering special remarks before the donation, Johnson called on all Liberians irrespective of cultural, social, religious or economic background to assist one another in developing their full potentials.

He said, it is about time Liberians stop depending entirely on other foreign countries for aid, saying “Let us learn to help one another, because it is only us Liberians can build our country and collectively solve our problems.”

Johnson spoke recently in the community when his organization donated several educational materials valued over US$2,500 to disadvantaged kids at the Visionaries Academy.

He said dependency, meanness and selfishness are vices responsible for some well-to-do Liberians not helping their needy compatriots, urging “It is about time we start looking not only for ourselves but for others as well.”

The FACE Boss intimated that his organization was highly delighted to identify with the less fortunate children of Chicken Soup Factory community, noting that due looming hardship, most parents were finding it difficult to pay their children’s school fees besides providing books and other educational materials.

Johnson observed that the lack of assistance to the poor is one of the reasons Liberians went to war and the country could revert to the ugly past if they failed to show love and care for one another.

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He urged parents and guardians of less fortunate children to strive in providing them quality education so that they can contribute to sustaining the future peace of Liberia.

According to him, giving sound education to children is the only way to guarantee a stable and sound future, therefore the ten years of peace celebrated here will mean nothing if Liberians do not support and love one another. He warned that Liberia will become a dangerous society in the future for the privileged few, if they failed now to assist the less fortunate majority.

He thanked various partners including UNMIL’s outreach and the Director of Mission Support, Ministry of Education, FACE AMEZU branch and donors as well as volunteers of the organization for their continued support to the dream.

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