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Failed Lawmakers

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House Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay has conceded here that the members of the first branch of government failed in their performance as lawmakers, but begged Liberians to re-elect them in October.

Speaking during the official opening of the 6th session of the 53rd Liberian Legislature, on Monday, January 9, in the chambers of the House, Speaker Nuquay said, survey conducted recently by the Legislative Information Service at the Capitol Building shows that 33 percent of the lawmakers are in appreciable standing in their respective constituencies, while serious work needs to be done in the remaining 67 percent for poorly performing.

“The result of the survey has informed us that 33 percent of our members are in appreciable standing in their respective constituencies, while work needs to be done in the remaining 67 percent district. We will continue to work with our research team to assess more information about what needs to be done to help us realign our priorities with the wishes and aspirations of the Liberian people,” he promised.According to him, the recent survey, which was conducted under the direction of Mr. McCarthy Weh, informed them about some of the problems members of the House of Representatives are faced with in their respective districts.

Speaker Nuquay said lawmakers will shortly institute necessary measures to address those problems and improve the relationship between lawmakers and their constituents to regain their trust and confidence.

Continuity in government has tremendous benefits, Speaker Nuquay reminded and added that training and experience lawmakers have acquired over the years is a valuable investment,which his leadership cannot afford to lose.

The Margibi lawmaker intimated that current lawmakers know the inner workings of government and how to get things done. “Changing our lawmakers every election undermines the investment and slows down development initiatives. It has been proven that with stable and continuous representation in the legislature, our constituents can easily access resources they need to accelerate development in their areas. This is why in this year’s election, we will be making a strong case to the Liberian people to see the need to return hardworking and results-oriented lawmakers to the Capitol Building,” he said.

Meanwhile, Speaker Nuquay announced that during the 5th session of the 53rd Liberian Legislature, the lower house passed 80 pieces of legislations, 68 enacted during regular sitting, while 12 were enacted during the special sitting when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf requested them (lawmakers) to return to the Capitol Building to consider some critical instruments that needed to be acted upon in the interest of the state and its people. President Sirlead is expected to deliver her last Annual Message before the Liberian Legislature on the 4th working Monday or 23 January.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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