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Fake loan scheme hits CDC

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President George Manneh Weah’s governing Congress for Democratic Change terms as an extreme provocation and escalation of lawlessness, unauthorized individuals operating a loan scheme in the name of the party.The CDC claims some persons are running a loan disbursement office in the name of the party a spit throw from its national headquarters in Congo Town, collecting illegal fees from thousands of partisans without knowledge of the leadership of the party or seeking its authorization.

It warns that these individuals are acting outside the knowledge and authority of the party. The CDC calls on all partisans to remain peaceful and law-abiding while its leadership takes steps to resolve the incident within due process of law.The National Executive Committee of the CDC in distancing the party from the unauthorized activities of the group calling itself “Liberians in support of Democratic Change (LSDC), describe the group as fake.

National chairman MulbahMorlu claims said group without approval from the party has launched a ‘Micro loan program’ in the name of the CDC and is already collecting ‘Registration fees’ from struggling citizens, as requirement for membership.The CDC denounces this personal whim as contemptible, misguided and insensitive to the realities of the challenges the party strives to overcome.

Speaking over the weekend in Monrovia, he said the leadership of the CDC informs the public that while it welcomes any loan assistance effort to empower ordinary citizens, it however rejects mischievous and un-institutionalized corridors being aligned with the CDC while promoting strange objectives that run counter to the general interests of the ruling party and its partisans.

As a mass-based redemptive movement for the people, the CDC says it is never short of plans, programs or ideas to empower its own and hence; remains steady in working and advocating for the socioeconomic/educational uplifting of its members, a necessity considered sine qua non for the strength and robustness of the party.When this paper contacted Deputy Minister of Commerce, Madam Jemima Wolokollie via mobile phone about the allegation, she could not be reached, as her phone rang endlessly.

“This singular objective drives the CDC’s recently launched educational, economic and social development platform, a loan assistance program meant to assist our people in market investment initiatives, sustainable livelihoods, health, education, food security, and nutrition”, chairman Morlu asserts.According to him, the CDC expects nothing less than the unrestrained commitment and support of its gainfully employed members to this program, a contrast to the un-institutional approach by the self-styled group (LSDC) acting outside the knowledge and authority of the CDC.

The party says,it’s unfortunate that while there continues to be a lack of commitment by employed officials to support party programs, these individuals (some being government officials) and their cohorts seek creative means to undermine the CDC and its membership by supporting anti-party agendas.Morlu announces the CDC will launch a formal inquiry into the so-called LSDC micro loan program, allegedly under the stewardship of Deputy Commerce Minister for Small Business, Jemima Wolokollie.

The CDC says it has irrefutable evidence that Deputy Minister Wolokolie, aided by Madam Jackie Capehart, Mr. Joshua Sackie, Mr. Budu Wilson, Mr. George Kailondo, Mr. Rodney Wilson, and all members or recent ‘former-members’ of the Unity Party/ANC, have begun setting up CDC structures and appointing District Coordinators with instructions to identify individuals for micro finance loans.

Morlu describes the alleged individuals as extortionists, who fled the CDC for greener pastures during its challenging moments, and have now returned more sophisticated, warning them to desist immediately or face disciplinary actions, ranging from suspension to expulsion within context of the rule of law.By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor

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