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Police fire teargas in Clara Town

To disperse angry mob

By Lincoln G. Peters

Riot officers from the Liberia National Police (LNP) fired tear gas canisters in Clara Town on Sunday, 6 March 2022, to prevent an angry crowd from vandalizing the properties of a Fulani businessman identified as Alhaji Barry who allegedly killed a community dweller in a car accident.

Victim Diego Quaye met his untimely death early Sunday morning between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM when suspect Barry was driving out of a parking lot and hit the deceased.

The vehicle hit victim Quayee against a wall, causing him to suffer severe injuries leading to his death. 

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Family members of the 26 years old victim are demanding justice over the killing of their son in the car accident.

The victim died after the vehicle being operated by suspect Barry ran into the deceased in Clara Town.

The incident prompted anger in the community as young people went on the rampage over the death of their friend, victim Quayee. Riot police were deployed immediately and succeeded in restoring calm. 

Residents of the community were angry that the vehicle operator Mr. Barry had been involved in similar accidents in the past which they claimed had led to deaths.

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Community dwellers said this is the third time Barry has killed a person with his car in an accident. 

The angry crowd threw stones at Mr. Barry’s home, but police intervened swiftly and prevented them from destroying his properties.

Barry is known to run businesses in two of the high rising storey buildings in the community.

Speaking in an interview with this paper, Mr. George Quayee, an elder brother of the deceased, launched an appeal for the Government to make sure that the family gets justice.

George also alleged that this is not Barry’s first car accident in which a victim has died.

He alleged that this life – taking accident is Barry’s ‘source of power’ to increase his wealth.

“My brother is just 26 years old and he lost his life in such a manner without doing anything good,” George lamented.

“This man, Mr. Barry, it’s not his first time killing in this area. This is how he makes his wealth increase. We are calling on the government to investigate this case,” George said.

Also speaking, Varney Passaway, an eyewitness, explained how they were sitting on the road and saw Mr. Barry coming from the car parking lot, speeding heavily.

Mr. Passaway explained that Barry hit the deceased against the wall, causing serious bodily injuries.

“We took him (victim Quayee) to the hospital after Mr. Barry hit him … Mr. Barry came out from the car [and] did not touch him, but left the car and walked. But some people say he went to report himself at the police station,” explained Mr. Passaway.

Stanley Mensah, a friend of the deceased, also told this paper that they were very shocked hearing about the death of their friend because they were all together during the previous night.

He said Quayee had gone on the road to visit someone when he was hit and killed by Barry.

“We, his friends, threw rocks because of how Mr. Barry behaved to our friend after killing him. Mr. Barry killed our friend and left his body down and walked,” said Mensah.

He said they wanted to destroy Barry’s home, but it was protected by the police.

Mensah said the angry friends of the late Quayee decided to calm down after they were assured that Barry would go through police investigation.

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